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  1. I have finally thrown in the towel on the hpoes LaRue Tactical ever coming out with a revamped Iron Dot. They just do not seem to be seriously committed to the project. As a fall back. I am considering an Aimpoint Micro T1 clone as I really can't justify the $'s for a real one. Has anyone out there had any success with the T1 clone versions? Are they robust enough to hold up to a 7.62 x 39mm for every day use? What are some of the practical limitations and tradeoffs for going the clone route? Whose version do you recommend? Can you point me to a reliable vendor for one of these T1 clones? Zon
  2. Do you know who the vendor is for these Aimpoint clone? Have you got a link? I wonder how well these will handle the heat if you mount them on the Ultimak gas tube rail? Zonie
  3. I have had a La RUe Iron Dot on backorder since June 09. I got the same song & dance from La Rue that they were re-designing the mount due to some changes by Burris. They don't expect to start shipping again until Mar. 09. I had heard through the grapevine that they were shipping these sights to the Special Forces in Afganistan. I don't know if that is indeed the case or not. However, I suspect that Uncle Sam pays a lot more than $300 for these. I'm all for supporting the troops! Just put a freeze on new Civi orders until their production capacity catches up with demand. Zonie
  4. Just curious as to how to prevent the bolt carrier slamming into the rear trunnion on the S 12. I remember reading somewhere that you can't use the silicon buffers on the S12 like you can on the 7.26 x 39mm AK's. However, I don't recall the reasoning as to why the S12's couldn't use the buffers. I broke my S 12 in a couple of weeks ago and ran 300 rounds of Federal Magna Shock # 5 bird shot through it. I also ran 50 rounds of Federal High Brass bird shot through it. Afterwards, I noticed that the was some slight circular marring on both the rear of the bolt carrier and on the rear tr
  5. It's a bummer that iron dots are hard to come by. I like the concept, but in an ideal world I'd rather they replaced the traditional AK notch and post with something a little nicer. For instance, something like an XS express rear with a tritium post or big dot front sight. You know, something nice on the "iron" side to match the red dot half of the system. Actually, I'm doing both. I got an XS Express tritium from sight to compliment the LaRue Iron dot. There isn't much that you can do with the LaRue rear notch sight except to paint it with some night glow paint and charge it with
  6. Today I checked the status on my Iron Dot that I had ordered back at the beginning of June for my MAK 90 922r conversion. These jokers told me not to expect anything until mid-winter 2010. Hell, it has already been on back order for 4 months! They claim that Burris discontinued the Fast Fire Micro dot sight that they had supplied and had replaced it with a watertight version (like duh!.)The new Micro Dot has a different mounting base and they claim that they have to re-engineer the mount. Frankly I really find it hard to believe that it takes 9 months to re-engineer a new mount for this. I
  7. Thanks for the advice Gents! I do appreciate it! regards, Zonie
  8. Howdy! I live in "Tukee" ville on the backside of South Mountain. I had some log-on issues at first also. Interestingly enough, the log-on problems seem to go away once I became a contributing member. So take it from me, that's was $20 well spent! Welcome to the club! Keep your cruise control on 55 MPH when going through Central Phoenix and you won't have any problems with the photo radar. Cheers, Zonie PS: Personally, I always enjoyed "slutty" ASU girls!
  9. My S 12 finally popped it's cherry last week! I ran a couple hundred rounds of Federal through it to break it in. No major problems in use to speak of once the gas fixer plug was set on the proper setting. A problem did crop up during reassembly.I was trying to figure out how to properly position the rotating head part of the bolt to go back into the receiver. While it is similar to an AK reassembly, I found the slight differences to be somewhat confusing at first. In my attempts to figure out how to position the rotating bolt head, I must have turned the bolt assembly upside down. The
  10. I feel your pain! At 56 I just had surgery on my left shoulder to remove bone spurs in March. Slowly but surely I am getting back to a state of normal. It takes time and it takes some effort to regain your strength. Be sure to include physical therapy and resistance training as part of your RX. It can help you reach your recovery goals quicker. I'm just glad that it wasn't my shooting shoulder! Best wishes for a successful surgery! Steve F. Phoenix, AZ
  11. I saw the Sagia 308 Ver. 21 on the RAA website last night. It indicated the 308 Ver. 21 was becoming available in 2007. Is RAA still importing this model? I prefer its looks with the wood furniture, thumb hole stock w. rubber butt pad. This combo looked like it would make a nice hunting rifle. Any idea of what the prices run on this model? I am also curious about the grip thickness of the thumb hole stock. I have a MAK 90, which also a thumb hole stock. The MAK stock sucks because the grip is too thick on the thumb hole stock. If someone fabricated a thumbhole stock with a more cont
  12. It seems to many that the most compelling reason for going the Surefire route is to be able to cut the mag down to an 8 rounder for compliance issues. There is now an alternative. I was at AGP in Tempe, AZ yesterday picking up a couple of 10 mags. They now have a bolt up mag floor plate that will allow you to cut their mags back to a 8 round, 6 round or what ever. In fact, I saw physical examples of the 8 & 6 at their facility. Hopefully, this gives some of you the option that you have been looking for. Email John @ AGP for more details. Cheers, Zonie
  13. Ok, it appears that the Warfield Armory is MIA judging from the forums comments. Are there any other vendors out there that offer a LRBHO mod for the Sagia 12? Do any of the LRBHO mods work with both Mags & Mikes Drum? Zonie ( A slightly confused newbie!)
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