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  1. Danner but have to be stitch downs so you can have them resoled. If the soles to stitch on, they're imported and nowhere near as good.
  2. That'd be great for shotgun Jousting!
  3. OMG someone mistakenly called a receiver a lower!!! OMG OMG OMG
  4. I've been on the net since 1994 and that was the most polite, yet hardest smack down I've ever witnessed!!! Well played
  5. holy shit that's a big snake! Any idea how old it was?
  6. That's just a new slug, but the brass was from the shot that took the hog. My uncle said he may go over the area with a metal detector to look for the slug. That'd be way cool to have but we had too much other stuff going on to find it this time.
  7. You got that right, espescially knowing I can't get another vacation day until well into 2014, I need to hang onto this one for a while!! I went to things remembered today and had a plaque made for my mount, I'll edit this post with a pic soon. eta finished mount. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the thread, cause I 1st thought nobody would care. (negative thinker)
  8. The bottom cutters (top ones are tusks, the cutters are consistently being sharpened by rubbing on the tusks (believe me, this things are sharp too!!are about 5 inches long, but they're like icebergs, most of it runs into the jawbone which is what makes them so tough. Measuring outside the gum line they're prolly only 2" We had some corn out and a brake light (red light doesn't spook game) mounted to a tree with a wire running into the stand where we could turn it on and off (about 30yds out and elevated about 8ft, There was biblical rain the day before, so we think most of the animals wen
  9. I've posted pics of this shottie before and the groups it's held with the RS mount and Aimpoint. It always did well on paper, this week I got the chance to take it out hog hunting in NE Tx. The only thing I'm sad to report is that we had no scale and no way to weigh the boar I took. It looked big to me and my family who's land I was on and the 1st thing the guy at the processor said when we lifted the tarp was "damn, that's a big boar"! I know there's bigger ones out there, this is just my 1st time out in the field with my S12 and the biggest game I've ever taken. I wish I'd had everything in
  10. That's good, I was hoping that was the case, but having never seen one, ya never know. congrats on your acquisition
  11. I hope that this was a mistake in your understandable excitement and in actuality the rear sight block is welded to the front trunnion. Please post a pic if you would. Thanks
  12. I think you could sell the receiver....it would just have to go through an FFL like a firearm....am I wrong??? That is correct
  13. I thought I remembered reading those were 4rd mags, I was hoping it was a misprint
  14. sorry for saying what I would do didn't mean to offend you, I was more thinking aloud than trying to make decisions for you. Sorry again if you were so offended.
  15. Worst case scenario, a good TIG welder could fix that. Don't part it out over that.
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