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  1. http://www.saysuncle.com/archives/2006/01/...le_point_sling/ Did a google and found several sites for making your own tactical sling. Cheaper and more rewarding.
  2. Good looking digi-cam. Very few people can pull off a good, random looking pattern.
  3. I know the Dinzag site says a 2 to 4 week delay. Just wodering if small orders are running closer to the 2 week mark.
  4. hmmm. This will be the last item I do in the conversion process. I have no access to a drill press. I was thinking that I could drill with a hand held drill. What is it about the process that necessitates a drill press?
  5. Seems like there are 2 options for making a bolt hold-open. 1. is to modify the Tapco hammer so that the stock part will go back in after conversion. or 2. to cut a slot in the dust cover to hold open the bolt. Seems like option 1 has some advantages, but seems like it might get in the way when pulling the trigger. With option 2 you have a hole in the dust cover. Which option did you pick and how do you like it????
  6. I have not had a chance to fire my Saiga yet, but the G2 trigger is much lighter than the one that was on my DPMS AR. The trigger makes a huge difference, and could account for the Saiga beating out the AR. What kind of trigger groups are you using? I had the standard AR lower parts kit from DPMS. As I remember it the RRA kit was a little more, but it had to be better than the one in the DPMS kit. Very heavy pull.
  7. I have my conversion about 90% done. waiting on a grip nut and bolt and a retaining spring. I put the new G2 trigger in to see how it fits. All is well, but sometimes the bolt gets hung up on the hammer(?) and I have to bump the charging handle to get it to move back into battery. It there something that needs to be polished or will this smooth itself out with a few 100 rounds down range? Can't wait to get the needed parts to get to the range. Thanks, Chris
  8. I had been looking at the sportsman guide and I decided to just order and wait. They say Jan 15 which is my birthday so I guess I just bought myself a birthday present.
  9. Anyone finding it impossible to find Saiga 223 mags from promag? Everywhat I go they are back ordered. Is it that these haven't been released or are they just selling like crazy?
  10. man! I just came back from the fun shop today guys said he has none and IF he can get anymore it wont be till the end of Jan. I called a whole bunch of other places and all are dried up....... It is looking scary out there guys. Look on gunbroker. There were tons of them at reasonalbe prices a few weeks ago.
  11. Yes you can shoot them as long as you meet 922 compliance first. Yes, I have purchased a US butt-stock, grip, and trigger group which will make me 922r complient. Once I am satisfied with the reliability of my initial conversion I may add bullet guide, but I want to be sure I have all the bugs out before complicating things with another add-on. Thanks, Chris
  12. As I understand it, if it is a Saiga mag or a Surefire mag, or a promag for saiga(?) I can shoot with these and NOT install a bullet guide. Is this correct, or only for the first two?
  13. I have always loved the simplicity of the AK design and for that matter the SKS. This rifle is no different. Came gift wrapped in all that smell preservative paper, but I guess it sure beats cosmoline. I have no 223 rounds to cycle, but everything appeared to operate as designed. To my untrained eye it appears that the AK trigger opening is already cut into the receiver. Actually, the current trigger parts kind of rest within the recess made by the opening and the plate welded to the bottom of the receiver. It almost seems as though the trigger wouldn't work if that recess were not cut out. I
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