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  1. Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes. I had a very nice Birthday. I got the day off......I did not have to answer the phone.......work on the computer...........answer emails..............or cook dinner. Tom got me a PINK Dell Laptop computer with WiFi and an Alltel go anywhere wireless receiver so I can be on line anywhere. But........he would not let me turn it on until Sunday, because he knew I would start to do work or tryout the Alltel wireless receiver. We went out to a REALLY, REALLY nice restaurant Saturday evening. Friends of ours, Steve & Lynne, went with us. Tom tried to kill another one of my vans........................... On the way home we had a flat tire in my minivan and we had to call AAA for a tow since the spare was kinda flat also....It would not have been so bad except our friends are also our Pastor and his wife. They called their daughter and got her out of bed to come pick them up and take them home since only 2 people could fit in the tow truck with the driver. I know MY BIRTHDAY is going to be in a Sunday sermon someday. Thanks again for all the Birthday Wishes. I really did have a very nice 50th Birthday. PS. No, that is not me riding the horse and I am more the Kenny Rogers type. I guess I did get dealt a good hand in life 30 years ago with Tom (Vankiller) .........and Geezerglide (Gary) at least you know when my birthday is, not like me when I sent you a birthday card 15 years ago on my ex brother-law Gary's birthday , OH....4-5 months before your birthday.......... Well, I better get back to work.............I have Warranty Work guns to ship back to customers and a few Obama specials to pack and do paperwork on. Vicki Jo (HeKilledMyVan)