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  1. Seems like a decently priced russian optic. Has anyone tried one? I like the low profile mount and how it sits far back on the dust cover so its close to your eye. Also does it have the blinking dot like some other russian optics?
  2. I had the same problem with my new K-var stock i put on my saiga about a month ago. The cleaning kit has a hole in the top so i just made a small loop out of paracord and knotted it together and pulled it through the cap. So now i can just reach in there stick my finger through the loop and pull it out easily when it gets stuck in the stock. My problem was i had to push the cleaning get way down in order to clear the trap door I tried filing the inside of the plastic and even contemplated buying a new cleaning kit to see if it was slimmer but this seems to work just fine for me.
  3. I thought only the soviets used bakelite? So wouldnt they all be pre-ban?
  4. Ive always really liked the look of the bakelite mags but how durable are they? Ive read that they have reinforced metal feed lips which impressed me but there doesnt seem to be much info out there. I live in NY so the pre-ban factor makes them pretty desirable to me as well. The local shop around here wants 25$ for metal com-block pre-bans so spending and extra 10$ and getting something with a cool Izhevsk logo that matches the rifle makes sense to me if there good mags.
  5. I've been thinking about getting HK sights for mine. After trying my cousins GSG-5 i instantly fell in love with HK sights. Does it really hold zero that well being mounted on the dust cover?
  6. I was watching the SAIGA factory video on youtube awhile ago and noticed this tubular looking magazine about 1:20 into the video. I like the look of it I've just never seen them anywhere. Does anyone have any information about these? saiga_magazine.bmp
  7. I was at herb phillipsons today at there watertown store and got there last 7.62x39 for 399 with the skeletonized stock but they still had 2 saiga 20's, one saiga 12, a .223, and one 308 the prices are still very affordable and dont seem to have raised there prices at all with all the demand.
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