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    WTB 7.62 x 39 rifle... what ya got?

    Cobra... where in NC are you located? I'm in Charlotte and thinking about getting rid of my partially converted Saiga. Its was purchase around 2008, has reproduction Russian wood furniture, replacement leaf sight, and Russian Cobra red dot. No bullet guide or muzzle attachments. I can post pics if you're interested. Price has yet to be determined!
  2. steve28105

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Almost done!
  3. steve28105

    +1 for RayC

    RayC gets a +1 from me as well, I sold him some parts of this same conversion, easy transaction!
  4. steve28105

    WTB Conversion Parts For Saiga 7.62

    Ok, not exactly what you're looking for (Color, or brand), but they are all new-in-package parts for cheap. Tapco Retainer Plate Tapco AK grip Grip Screw & Bushing G2 Trigger Group IF you're interested, i'll let it go for $25 OTD. Let me know!
  5. steve28105

    Parts Wanted new or used...

    Figured, but worth a shot! Happy building!
  6. steve28105

    Parts Wanted new or used...

    Probably late on this, but... I have some brand new parts i'm willing to sell, all US made: Tapco Retainer Plate Tapco AK grip Grip Screw & Bushing G2 Trigger Group I'll be willing to let it all go for very cheap, $25 OTD for all of the above? PM me if you're still interested.
  7. steve28105

    Hole Plugs

    I used these on my conversion, they worked well. They're hard to get out - had to essentially destroy them with a needle nose in order to remove them, pretty solid. Anyone have any ideas as to how to plug the holes in the bottom of the receiver? It seems they're a tad too small for the 3/16 hole plugs - so i'm seeking out some other options. Any ideas?
  8. steve28105

    + 1 For DPH

    Went to the gunshow in Charlotte this past weekend. I was looking for a rear leaf because something was funky with mine - the leaf was bent on the rear block, though the block was straight. After finding DPH didn't have any, I looked for other retailers who did. I ended up finding one, though it was still attached to the block. When I went back to DPH to pick up a recoil buffer, they took off the leaf for free. Since I didn't need another sight block, I offered to give it to them; they ended up swapping me, buffer for block. I bought my 7.62 saiga from DPH about a year ago, they did me right then and certainly did good business this time around. Consistently they've given me good service, I would recommend these guys to anyone.
  9. Looking for a relatively cheap red dot for my 7.62 conversion, wondering if anyone had any good suggestions? I'm interested specifically in the PDK 23, has anyone had experience with this?
  10. So you're selling both the stock and the grip for $55 flat (shipping included)? Any response is greatly appreciated...
  11. steve28105

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    What rail did you use to attach that forward grip?