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  1. Looking for a bolt hold open for an S-12. Too bad this site no longer offers them.
  2. I'd love to send my S-12 to Tromix, but I continually miss the "Cutoff". Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith that regularly works on S-12's? I want the barrel cut, gas system adjusted and original threads put back on. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Brand new in wrapper. I bought it for my S-12, but it does not fit. It has not been modified. $30 shipped. SOLD
  4. If you have a plain barrel, you need 5 US parts. If you have a threaded barrel, you need 6 US parts. I put an ACE folder on my Saiga with a threaded barrel. Here are my US parts: 1) ACE Buttstock 2) US Ergo pistol grip 3,4,5) Tapco G2 Hammer/Trigger/disconnector 6) johnnymercado flash hider 7) Tapco Galil handguards
  5. To date, plenty of smiths willing to cut, zero willing to do original threads. I may have to buck up and buy Rem chokes and another flash hider.
  6. Anyone know a gunsmith that can cut down my 12 barrel and rethread it for the original chokes? I found many that are willing to cut it, but none that will rethread it. My local smith said he "could" do it, but really doesn't want to.
  7. Nope, it was an older model. I included one of the Blackjack Safety Levers that Firefly put on. But I need to machine off the strip so i can use the BHO on the lever.
  8. I sent my Saiga-12 to Firefly in January. I supplied all of the parts - Ergo grip, Tapco trigger group, ACE folder. I had some other parts in the case that I planned on putting on when it got back. I received the gun last week and it looks great. All of the parts were on, even the extra dodads. So it now has an ACE folder, pistol grip, front AK sight. My flash hider is on the way. Thanks Firefly, it looks great. Pics to follow in a week or two.
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