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  1. "The idiots selling the stuff are the only people demanding that ID be shown because some how they think they are protected when they arent legally or otherwise." So, who are you talking about that is selling and asking for ID, online stores? Is it not a law to be 18 to purchase ammo..and this is their way to verify? Maybe I am missing something here, not trying to attack you. You mentioned they are storing the info and and then they can get you and your ammo later..so, who is recording this info and where is it going, who is coming for our ammo? too vague here. Also, if you read the recent Nordyke vs. King and Heller v. DC..the courts have recently been on our sides...The nordyke vs. king ruling, while a mixed bag to some, really solidifies our rights to own, which I am not a legal scholar but the possession of ammo would be inclusive to that decision it seems....and this is coming from a pretty liberal court in CA.
  2. Have any sources for the statements in the original post? Also, perhaps stores are asking for ID now because they were always supposed to check age or it has always been a state requirement, and they are finally following protocol. Kind of like alcohol sales, ID checks have been progressively more stringent over time....not like years ago when it was just a glance. Maybe you are right; I am in TX and have never experienced the ID checks for ammo.
  3. I saw this post and went to the academy here in Austin (35 and 183), They have the monarch at $2.99 a box or about 75 a case. I asked the guy behind the gun counter how long the sale lasted and he said till this Sunday. I asked why the sale tag says "12/27" and he said they recycle sale tags sometimes but the manager has the say so when the sale ends since its not an advertised flier sale...so, who knows...anyway, walked out with 1000 rounds for $161 with tax. Will probably pick up another case saturday. Oh, and that location had a huge display of cases for sale..no shortage as of now. Has anyone ever had a problem with Monarch? I have put a couple of hundred rounds through my Saiga (newbie) and a couple of hundred through my yugo SKS with no problems. I will hopefully be using this ammo (or wolf HP) for hog hunting these next few months here in TX (close range >75 yards). Any thoughts for using this for hogs at close range?
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