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  1. Appreciate the info. Yeah, I really only use it on my S12 so no biggie...just curious.
  2. Not a huge deal as I probably will lose the feature anyway but am still curious if any others have had this issue. Basically, the BHO catches the bolt too late & partially covers the mag well opening. The bolt sets too far forward to engage & chamber the 1st round. Also does it on my cousin's wife's .410...weird. Just wondering if any others have run into this? Mine appears to be one of the versions that has all the military features(threaded barrel, dimpled receiver, non-stepped chamber, barrel notched for L.H.G. retainer, etc.) May this be related? Thanks for any info.
  3. Damn, haven't checked back on the double-stacks for quite a while. After much enjoying the bad-ass-ness of the drums it would be very cool to see these make it to market. I bought one of Promag's smaller drums & function was ok but had a few ftf's. The double-stacks or even a 10-12 round drum would be awesome because I just trust them more. I hope everything's ok w/ MD, haven't heard a peep for quite a while which causes concern.
  4. Appreciate the replies. Reason for the post is I have a friend who`s wife recently got a Saiga .410 & was disappointed that she can`t shoot the cheaper 2.5" shot loads for trap through a higher cap mag. I know this subject`s been dealt w/ & I did some searching but just wanted to confirm that I had it understood.
  5. Ok. Did some searching, trying to confirm if I understand the 2.5" shell issue & the reasons a 3" gun won`t handle them. If a gun is labeled 3" the gun doesn`t have an adjustable gas system & will FTF when firing 2.5" shells(short-stroke). Also, the mag issue plays in as well because the 3" mags don`t have the raised 'bump' in the rear of the follower that sets the 2.5" shells to the front of the mag(as do the Russian 2.5" mags). Now if a person has a .410 w/ a gas adjustment do they still need the 2.5" mags? If that`s the case then would it be possible to change out mag followers to m
  6. Will these drums only work w/ 3", or will they handle 2.5" & up?
  7. I did a range test a while back w/ a Polychoke 2 vs. a KA1212(19" barrel). While the Poly does extend the range(did a 30' test at x-full), I`ll be keeping the KA brake, selling the Poly. Notice the pattern difference, much more uniform. All shots were taken at 20' w/ Estate #00 buck. Shots taken with improved modified, modified, barrel nut(lower rt.), & KA.
  8. Sorry to change direction a bit but was wondering what differences, if any there are between the EAA & RAAC imports. Only thing I can think of is the sight post, which on mine(RAAC) is welded, not threaded as the earlier EAA`s were(IIRC).
  9. Need the lower h.g. only but will consider a full stock set for a fair price. Thanks.
  10. The .308 crossed my mind but I`ve been narrowing down my calibers because of ammo cost. With the price of milsurp 7.62x54 it`s hard to beat. I`ve got an m39 & a 91-30 which are great, just thought a Saiga would be a great platform to have as well. I may still consider a psl, just have to check it out in person as the quality on those can vary quite a bit.
  11. I`ve heard through the grapevine that a new Saiga in 7.62x54 may be coming. Anyone have any info to confirm & if so when it will be hitting the market? Thanks.
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