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  1. I still gonna get a 5.45. The guy i know at herb phillipsons in oneida said he could possibly special order me a saiga 5.45 but at the present moment its cheaper for me to do the .22 thing for my boy.
  2. I just bought a marlin model 60 .22 rifle for my son and I was hoping to make it into a pretty sweet little shooter for him. This is what i was looking at. Muzzelite Bullpup Stock: Marlin#60 22 Rifle http://www.bullpupgunstocks.com/
  3. Hi all, I would like to do a bullpup conversion on one of my rifles but I am not to sure if I because new york has some really messed up gun laws. I have been looking around the web for some info but I have not found anything regarding legal issues. I guess my main concern would be with the overall length but If there is anyone with any information it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I had the same problem on my work computer today. Had to type everything into notepad first then copy and paste it. I will have to try and change the settings when I get to work tomorrow.
  5. I dont plan on bringing it out for alittle while so im probably going to wait just a little bit to clear coat it. I will get the matte finish but I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go over the whole rifle with 0000 steel wool very very lightly after the clear coat is fully cured to try and dull down any luster it might have.I know that even the matte finish has a bit of a shine to it because the matte black I used on my saiga did.
  6. Do you think I can get away with putting a few coats of duracoat clear coat over it?
  7. I was thinking the same thing before I started but I didnt really want to spend alot of money on something that I thought would come out like crap. In the future if I ever decide to do it again I will use the duracoat. I used duracoat when I converted my saiga and it is good stuff.
  8. My ups driver started getting alittle weird with me then told me not to get crazy or do anything stupid with this stuff. I replyed to his concern with"It is none of ur concern what I purchace, your job is to delivery my package not to give me a hard time." He was cool after that.
  9. Wow thanks for the positive feedback. It is a 1937 7mm czech vz 24. I usually dont like doing this type of thing to a rifle like that but i only paid $50 for it and it is missing some minor part like the front sight protector and cleaning kit, the finish on the steel was almost non existant, it had some heavy pitting on the barrel sides and a little bit on the trigger/mag housing, and the wood was cracked and dented all over. The bore however was in good shape and it shoots great. It will make a great hunting rifle
  10. This is the first time I have ever done a camo job and I am curious to hear what people think. First off let me say that I have always liked both the woodland and the tiger stripe patterns very much. I could not decide on what I liked better so I tried to incorporate the two together to see what it would look like. The paint I used was the Krylon camo paint in black, brown, and OD green. Here is what I did. First I painted the whole rifle black, let it dry then ripped some painters tape of the roll and placed them down on the gun for the black stripes. Next I painted the whole thing brow
  11. Idk if it was a typo or not but according to the video it says "replaces gas tube, counts as (1) compliance part". maybe they meant gas piston but the gas tube doesnt count as a compliant part.
  12. I was thinkin the same thing. Kinda expected it to kick a bit more but its still one hell of a gun
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNFsUvh078I
  14. I was recently looking for parts for my mosin nagant 91/30 and happened across the Obrez. It is just a mosin nagant cut down into a pistol and as I did some research on this i found that it was used for a breif period durin the russian civil war. I can just imagine the fire ball coming out of this thing and how my arm would feel after using it... OUCH! I am sure some of you guys have seen this before but I was definatley in awe and i really want one.
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