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  1. he makes these all the time. he did a 8" diameter banana tree in one swipe.
  2. Aztec "Swords": The Macuahuitl my brothers variation of this nasty primitive weapon. he naps his own flint and embeds them into hardwood. these fuckers are sharp and will cut deeply.
  3. nail, i have seen the same but have no clue as to how it would be. there is nothing mechanical in it to vent over pressure. hell it is a solid block of metal. unless the 030's modified puck/piston vent gas i am stumped
  4. I liked it but my kid needed braces more than I needed the shotty
  5. #1 THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE!! I'm ex-navy I get it and the plan is to use conventional rear block/tube. this facilitates easy break down. I just finally got it back together, even in the incomplete state. at this point in time, I want a shooter and not a table of parts. as soon as the dust clears I will add the other block/tube. I still have a krink kit a 74 kit and a psl to build, and not a hell of a lot of spare time anymore. if you really want to see something cool. look in the saiga 20 section for the underfolder I did. that was a fun build.
  6. grima, the block isn't self adjusting. I tuned the ports sizes to match what I plan to shoot. at this point the majority of my shooting will be bird/target load. I have only 1 mag that has buck shot. this isn't a HD shotty that what my mossy 500 is for. as for cleaning, the intent is to install a RSB with conventional gas tube. I am still on the fence with tigging a rear sight block to the trunnion. the oem s12 tube was meant to be the test tube. worked so I left it alone. knowing me, boredom will kick in in January when it finally gets cold in florida. I will end up doing it. I have a Yu
  7. looks cool! kidding aside I did it for the sight picture. my old tired eyes cant focus on the tiny bead. I am not a fan of rails so that eliminated other options. I have welded sights to the oem block but that makes me nervous given they are not easy to replace. I got this one really cheap so it was available.
  8. if only I had a mill/lathe or better yet cnc
  9. Shannon, used the oem puck. what I cut down was an adapter I turned to mate the gas tube to the block. needed something with male/male fitting to slip into the female tube & block. treat it like a coupler. when I turned it, it was left long on the one side to give me room to trim as needed. it is easier to remove than add. on a side note. when I did first dry fit, my mind wandered thinking I could run without the puck. didn't work so the couple was cut to size. nothing special. what kills me is this shit is easy once you get over the fear of cutting into your gun. I did an s20 as an
  10. Did you have to port it way up with that block? not really. I had opened 2 ports previously. mostly to clean it out some. before I did this block I ran the same bit thru the other 2 holes. cant recall the size but it was a hair bigger than the port.. I literally use the bit with a pair of pliers
  11. Nailbomb the adapter does add a slight angle to the stock. I think the folder exaggerates the hell out of it. It does however give a more relaxed cheek weld. I will be replacing it with a fixed skeleton this weekend. the gaps bugged me at first but now not so much. It vents heat way better than the oem. I know its mental but it feels lighter. The most important thing is it eats whatever I stuff in the mags.
  12. leland, it wasnt too bad once i committed. i let the gas tube dictate the block location. marked the barrel, pulled the tube, slid the block back to the mark. eyeballed the ports and made a mental note where to open the block to expose all 4 ports in the barrel. the hand guard retainer was simple. the inside diameter was roughly .9mm smaller than the barrel section. i ran a few passes with the dremel until is slipped snug. located and notched for the retainer pin and walked away. i had to remove about 1/8" off the front of the hand guard but thats it
  13. garnaz, no. this is one i picked up on another board for $35 a year ago.
  14. hah! i am the model of non-conformity. also, notice i have your choke running on the front
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