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  1. Thanks anyways for the shot at them. It was very cool of you Mike. At least I own two already,hehehe.
  2. I really don't think I would go through the trouble or expense but I was wondering about something like that after you guys replied. How about if you had the 10-15+ grand, legally purchase a registered full auto AK 47 or receiver only if one could be found. Would it then be possible or permissible to do a little conversion?. Does the ATF ever allow caliber changes with or without their nominal fees on a registered receiver? Way, way too much trouble.
  3. Well that sucks but it will save me some $$$ Thanks for the replies Led Slinger
  4. Upon approval of a second NFA stamp on my Tromix 8" S12 would it have to be done by Tromix or someone with a class 2 manufacture license? Has anyone done one yet? ? How would that go if I decided to? I have not spoke with Tony yet. Would it cost an arm & a leg? Just curious? Thanks, Led Slinger
  5. Here's my 8" Tromix S12 with modified rail mount & Streamlight
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