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  1. YMMV, I'd call the NFA branch. It's in their FAQ. Intrastate Seller (Person/Trust, transforer) -> Form 4 -> Buyer (Person/Trust, transferee) Interstate Seller (Person/Trust, transforer) -> Form 4 -> SOT in state 1 -> Form 3 -> SOT in state 2 -> Form 4 -> Buyer (Person/Trust, transferee)
  2. zaxon_182

    Building a Saiga 12 from parts and 80 percent receiver

    In that link the front trunnion (read firearm) appears to be intact. Disclaimer: IANAL, YMMV That would mean it's not an 80% and can't be shipped to your door unless you are a FFL. I'd be leery of these "parts kits."
  3. zaxon_182

    Sig Brace Shouldering / ATF ruling

    And...... it's gone. It appears that shouldering a Sig Brace now makes a pistol a SBR. Link to the letter.
  4. zaxon_182

    Oil filter supressor

    I agree that there is a significant probability that people will do this illegally, possibly unwittingly. I made that comment for a 21 year-old version of myself. I also think that a real suppressor (properly designed suppressor) is worth the money. I own two (rifle and pistol cans) and I'm in dire need of a rimfire can. For a SHTF situation the oil filter variety would be useful.
  5. zaxon_182

    Oil filter supressor

    Just a heads up, only a SOT can change the "baffles" on that poor mans suppressor. See: http://i.imgur.com/Eh4Pe.jpg
  6. zaxon_182

    Sig Brace Shouldering / ATF ruling

    I found nothing. The best I can do is restate that it's the ruling which says shouldering the buffer tube does not change the classification of the firearm because it is not the intended purpose of the buffer tube. *My speculation which does not constitute legal advice* It appears to draw from the definitions for rifle and sbr, both of which are intended to be fired from the shoulder, where the buffer tube itself is not designed for that purpose. A CAR stock buffer tube without the stock attached can be used, however possessing the stock while using the corresponding buffer tube may constitute constructive possession. I found this info in the Arfcom pistol ruling stickey and inferred the ruling from the letters and legal definitions.
  7. zaxon_182

    Sig Brace Shouldering / ATF ruling

    I think he meant the letter referenced in the 4th paragraph. I searched for an hour last night and couldn't find FTB 99146. I'll recheck the Arfcom pistol ATF letter thread today. If nothing turns up here maybe you could write the tech branch and ask for a copy.
  8. zaxon_182

    8.5" barrel shotgun, uses Saiga mags. Not SBS, AOW or NFA

    I think it's not an AOW because the OAL exceeds 26"
  9. Check Space Weather. They're usually pretty good at predicting strength and intensities of flares. I kinda wish I was back home (Homer, Alaska), the Aurora is gonna be awesome (Geophysical Institute in Fairbanks prediction). Work hard, shoot guns, and trust in physics.
  10. Check out the trend graph at NFA tracker. It's no longer an 11 month wait for mailed forms nor is it a 3 month wait for eforms. They both appear to be stabilizing at 6 months. Pick your poison.
  11. I'm going to SBR a 10mm TNW Aero Survival Pistol after they're released. They take glock mags and have 9, 40, and 45 version already. The 10mm, 22mag, and 22lr versions are currently in development and slated to be released near the end of the year. The "upper" is the serialized part so you can interchange the magwell, barrel, and bolt and be ready to rock.
  12. It is a legitimate site which caters to professional networking. It's like Facebook but for a professional capacity. I have one for networking purposes, I don't really get a lot of mileage out of it. Some people have it set to email their whole address book. The NSA may also be messing with you.
  13. Rule of thumb I learned while growing up in Alaska: the moose (or wildlife for that matter) always has the right of way. Advancing on a wild animal is only going to make things worse. Other than not advancing in the first place, I can't say I would have handled the situation any differently.
  14. zaxon_182

    SBS Technical Info Thread

    I had the same issue with my form 1 SBS. I put the puck on the lathe and cut both sides down until it fit because I had already installed and pinned the short op-rod. Hopefully you get a response from someone with more experience than I.
  15. zaxon_182

    SBS/SBR Pictures

    I just received my stamp back and finally got to finish my Saiga 12. I've had it since I was 20, so this has been a long time coming. I've done all the work myself (drilling, welding, etc) and the only thing left is to get it Cerakoted. I would've gone through Tromix if I wasn't a starving graduate student. I guess I'll just have to save for a S17 after I finish and move back to AK. OAL: 28" LOP: 11" to 15" Mods list: 11" ICC Barrel Original JTE Magwell Tromix backing plate, gas tube, piston, and trigger guard Commercial stock that I milled, threaded, and shortened Modified Saiga rifle handguard (thanks for the idea EVL)