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  1. Got it with a few bangs nf a rubber hammer :-) u da man!!
  2. Quick question I just picked up one of these steel mags haven't tried it out yet but is the floor plate suppost to just slide off te base? When I noticed it I removed it and put it back on and its seems its suppost to lock like must magazines do on that point! Did CSS make these this way to slide right off or did I get a bad batch?
  3. Are any of these items still avail? I've sent u PM on the CSS barrel shroud
  4. Looking for a molot brake, russian or CSS don't mater as long as its in good condition:-) Let me know ur price hopefully someone has one out here they don't want!! Thanks everyone
  5. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I missed one of these again!! If for some odd reason deal falls threw let me know Id buy it or Id offer you a Russian Factory 8rd S-12 mag or limited edition clear AGP 10rd Mag, or other goodies of some sort...
  6. Very nice skills you got there!!! I would like to see a copy of this brake or even a saiga 12 copy of a 50cal barett muzzle brake (like the mossberg road buster) as a barrel shroud. That would mean its threaded right at the end instead of the front and would slip over the barrel hidding 3-4" inches off the tip and im sure it would still help with muzzle climb. Sure you dont get the kool muzzle flash effect from the ports but it would look like you have a SBS barrel with muzzle brake. Im still looking for something like that Keep up thje good work!!
  7. Not trying to change ur mind but I would keep the saiga if you haven't handled a KSG or spas 12 yet try and find one you can mess with first or test fire. The KSG is a nice compact pump shotty but it does have a few problems with the tube switching and the forend if you add a vertical grip. Since its made out of polymer the force from a VG with crack the railed forend in half. Not all of them are reported with problems but if you read up on it there has been a lot of cases with different issues. The good thing is Kel Tec will fix it everytime u send it in. The spas 12 I personally owned b
  8. BUMP.... Still looking for a CSS Molot Brake Let me know Thanks!!
  9. Ok finally get to reply so theres no confusion I'm the one taking it and payment has already been sent!! Thanks
  10. Recieved my mags in better condition than picture showed!!! Thanks again brotha for the great deal
  11. I Want to swap over from a CHAOS quad rail to a longer quad rail on my saiga 223. Heres what Im running but I want longer rail room for more accessories I like the look of the CSS Billet Rail but before I just buy one straight out from CSS I'd figure I'd ask here first & see if anyone has one they want to get rid of or I"ll swap my Chaos quad for your railed forend even if its just TRI-Rail thats fine. If you have the full quad I'll handle the difference pending condition cash or a SMG 30rd Surefire Mag or if no swaps PM me ur price Im sure we can work something out Thanks
  12. Forgot to add payment for mags has been sent!! Please let me know when my order goes out Thanks again Trent
  13. Still looking for a good condition/hardly used CSS version or original Russian doesnt matter!! I know CSS has them avail but if I can get one for $90-$100 shipped I'm all in Let me know Thanks -GR47-
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