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  1. Selling the same Tromix 308 that was purchased here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/12391-wts-tromix-saiga-308/&do=findComment&comment=101008 But has gone through a few changes and upgrades since then. Complete package including ACOG TA-11B and GDI qd mount, Elzetta light & qd light mount with EMA side mounting bipod w/ 7 polymer mags and 2 Csspecs 20 round mags. Perhaps 200 rounds fired since the purchase for a total of no more than 300 rounds give or take a couple of mags. (Probably closer to between 200-250) (The bottom photo of reticle of the TA11B is from the internet and not mine.) $2000 shipped from Virginia. Thanks for looking.
  2. Update. According to TWS in this video (at the 4:14 mark), the handguard unfortunately will "not yet" (not sure what that means) work with 308 Saigas.
  3. I could be wrong, but based on this image from the Texas Weapons Systems homepage it looks to me like it should fit the Saiga 308 barrel diameter.
  4. From Texas Weapons Systems. http://www.texasweaponsystems.com/category-s/1880.htm
  5. I went with the DPH Arms Tri-Rail and could not be happier with the choice.
  6. Not without a qualified gunsmith probably spending some serious hours on the project. Here's a pic I found doing a google search.
  7. Does anyone know anything about this rail system from DPH Arms? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/93734-dph-arms-saiga-rifle-tri-rails-9999/
  8. Nicely done! Good to learn that just like with the Vepr, the heat shield must be modified to fit on a 308 Saiga. Thanks for the info. However that has me now leaning towards going with the standard Magpul MOE AK handguard.
  9. Since the Saiga barrel is tapered, and the front barrel clamps fits, have you considered drilling two holes in the bottom of the metal heat shield a few inches closer to the front clamp?
  10. Anyone know if Zenitico handguards will fit on a 308 Saiga? http://russianoptics.net/zenit.html
  11. So I just telephoned and was told that you do not take orders over the phone for this item and to instead "fill out the comments section" when I place the order online.
  12. Not having anything much beyond what's in the toolbox, what is needed to best grind away enough metal to get it to fit? Thanks.
  13. Perhaps a different rear sight block? Clearly from the pics of the milled and stamped gas tube lever there is a difference in width. This is as far down as the rail will go. The wider than stamped rear sight block just stops it cold from going any further.
  14. Sad to report the Titan AK dustcover rail will not fit either on a milled SLR-95 or a Mak-90. The rear sight block is simply too wide. This photos of the gas tube release lever shows the difference.
  15. Ok, I think I am following now, and this video was helpful. So there are differences between the front hand guard hardware, but no differences with the over the dust cover rail seen here: Correct?
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