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  1. you are using a 6 o'clock hold. and it is recomended because you never loose sight of your target. if you are used to holding with your target sitting ontop of your front sight, by all means, keep it up.
  2. do you have a link for the aimguns sight?
  3. i believe, like desert dog said, they are meant for pencil barrel guns. the 223 with its thicker walls would be less effected by a vibrating barrel than something with thinner walls. bottom line...every barrel flex's. what long range shooters do, even though they have massive bull barrels, is load there ammo so that the tip of the barrel is back straight with your line of sight when the ball leaves the tip. thats the idea with adjustable muzzle breaks and all that jazz. to my understanding, and it wouldnt be the first time i've been wrong, is that the barrel damper is meant to be moved up and down the barrel until you find the most effective position, then left there. it'll help bolt action thin barrel guns, how much? who knows. as far as Semi Autos go its a waste of money.
  4. on the same topic, i have a mount that i'm not happy with. when its on the rifle the front of the scope is cocked way up. the mount is in two pieces. the whole top piece is not level with the bottom piece. anyone else have this problem?
  5. i am all for calming down. but the gander mountain in harrisburg has been selling out of everything. even as someone who knows that being calm is the best thing to day i have the feeling that to many idiots are out there who just dont get it. i believe that people will drive prices so far up that when us calm people do decide to buy it'll cost us more and or product wont be there at all. we are almost completely out of 38 specia l ammo. we've never been in this situation before. vendors cant send stuff fast enough for us.
  6. okay, so it looks like my new piston wont work. looks like i'll be calling tapco tomorrow. anyone familliar with there customer service? is it gonna be a fight to get the new one or not?
  7. the picture is with the old piston still in the carrier but the replacement placed as if it was screwed in as far as it could possibly go. see picture.
  8. the package says AK/MAK full length gas piston. it was a link that was sent to me.
  9. on the left 7.62x39. on the right .223 picked them both up within the last two weeks for $130 total. .223 still needs some work. it's nowhere near as clean as i want it and i will be getting an FCG for it, probably a piston and an FG too. 7.62 will be getting a tapco piston, an FCG and a couple of 30rounders, that's all i plan on doing to it. very new here so let me know what you think and if theres any suggestions all you saiga gods may have. and i'll try to throw up a picture of my Bushmaster in .223 as well.
  10. i just got home to find a package with my new piston from tapco. i opened it and compared it to the stock piston and its longer. its about 1/4" longer. is that normal? will she still work? anyone else notice this?
  11. then i wont have to lowball people for deals anymore.
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