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  1. Bought a scope mount from him. Everything went smoothly. Got it in 2 days. I would purchase form him again.
  2. Bought some mags from him. Everything went smoothly. Would purchase from him again.
  3. Well, thinking it might be my last chance, I went and got a .223 Saiga.
  4. That I am! I just measured the length of the stock on my shotgun - it was 10.5". Should the stock length on my Saiga be the same?
  5. Yes I was. Ah, OK. My LOP is close to 12". I think those would still be a bit long.
  6. Thanks! I just looked through the Tapsco and V-Bar websites, but did not see any stocks that were offered in different sizes. Did I overlook them? Can you give me links to the ones you are referring to?
  7. My stock is too long for me on my new Saiga. I'll probably just get it shortened. But I'm curious: Is there such thing as a stock with an adjustable LOP that isn't considered "telescoping," and thus would be 922r complaint for a non-converted Saiga?
  8. I don't think you'll see a drop in prices until legislation gets proposed. There has been some talk that they may try to ban ammo or put ridiculous taxes on it.
  9. I use Remington Express #3 Buckshot for my 20 ga. home defense shotgun.
  10. OK, I've been doing a lot of searching, trying to find a scope mount for my .223 Saiga. Would one that gives me rails be the best option? I've read that I should get one that has a quick release, since you need to remove it for cleaning. Do you agree? A big concern is how centered the mount is. One that is off-center will change the windage as I change distances. Is that correct? These are the 4 kinds I've found on the net that give you rails: Pro-Mag http://www.thunderbayoptics.com/index.php?...37f11f55debadc8 UTG http://www.combathunting.com/AK_47_MAC_MAA...ouble_Rail.html Kalinka (I've heard bad things about them, though) http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=536 Unknown brand http://cgi.ebay.com/WEAVER-RAIL-SCOPE-MOUN...6QQcmdZViewItem 4. Any opinions on these? 5. Are there any other options I should consider?
  11. How about Golden Bear? Is it cleaner than the Silver and Brown Bear?
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