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  1. vegasdom

    Why saiga in .223

    Why do you saiga 223 owners choose this caliber? Isn't it kind of an odd ball for the AK platform?
  2. vegasdom

    Anyone have Saigas for less than 350 right now?

    I'd WAIT. I think prices will be even low this holiday season just because I don't see the economy getting better any time soon. Prices have been slowly falling now for months and all the dealers seem to have a good supply. Plus the buying frenzy is over.
  3. vegasdom

    NEW- E-Tac GoGun Saiga-12 Slant Brake

    So if you screw it on all the way it will end up side ways?
  4. vegasdom

    Pros/Cons of 5.45

    Saiga Ya, who said anything about guns. Were talken Antelope.
  5. vegasdom

    Pros/Cons of 5.45

    If your not shooting competition I think most can live with the accuracy. The 5.45 has enough accuracy within 200m to get the job done.
  6. vegasdom

    Pros/Cons of 5.45

    Hornady is now making a VMAX round for 5.45 and 7.62 x 39. 7.62 is already out. I'm sure were going to see alot of interesting 5.45 rounds from other US manufactureres in the near future, and there is always the cheap surplus and Wolf type ammo. I don't think $20(30 new) for a mag is pricy and they are 100% better quality than AR mags.
  7. vegasdom

    What you guys think?

    I hate the color.
  8. vegasdom

    Saiga 12's are only toys, not for serious use.

    I had to comment on the glock forum. I may need some back-up!
  9. vegasdom

    How do 5.45x39 ballistics compare with .223?

    They are different bullets designed to do different things. One tumbles, one fragments. I don't think the 5.45 is inferior because of some numbers on paper shot of out who knows what length rifle. Maybe the 5.45 is more lethal at what it does. As far as the AK platform is concerned I think there are a lot more magazines and guns available for the 5.45 than the .223.
  10. vegasdom

    How do 5.45x39 ballistics compare with .223?

    Well the whole ammo ban is a stupid argument anyway because domestic ammo producers would start making it. Its called supply and demand. There would be big demand! Plus If you are going to have one gun maybe its not a good idea to have a gun in 5.45 because maybe just maybe a foreign ammo ban happens, it is still going to be produced here in the US but it will be expensive. Expensive like .223. Now if you have more than one gun in multiple calibers than it does not matter. Buy the 5.45 now because it is cheap as hell and .223 is not especially the good military surplus .223.
  11. vegasdom

    How do 5.45x39 ballistics compare with .223?

    Just type in 5.45 Horandy into a search engine. To me they are similar bullets. Obama could ban the 5.45 and all imported ammo, but he could just as easily ban .223. There are countries that ban ammo that is used by their militaries from sale to their citizens.
  12. vegasdom

    How do 5.45x39 ballistics compare with .223?

    Hornady is coming out with a 5.45 52gr vmax load.
  13. vegasdom

    AK 47 or AK 74?

    I just went through the same thing. 5.45 or 7.62. Since I used to have a 7.62 I went with the 5.45. Almost no recoil. I cannot comment on accuracy yet but I'm sure it will be better. I just bought a Polish Tantal. Fit and finish is great. 10x better than my old Romanian and I do not have any keyhole issues that you may read about with this rifle. The bore is not chrome lined. If you want chrome get one from Atlantic Firearms for about 200 more. Ammo for both calibers has been available from manufacturers like wolf for quite some time now. I have old magazines with 5.45 from wolf selling cheaper than 7.62. The good thing is 5.45 surplus is very cheap now, about $160 for 1080 rounds. Mags are a little more expensive for 5.45 but they a available all over the net right now. The $20 surplus ones is excellent. If you want a cheap 7.62 check out Henderson Defenses WASRs. They certify that all the little things like canted front sights are fixed before they ship them. I met the owner at a local Shoot and he is an outstanding guy.
  14. Ammo to go has Silver Bear in 5.45, but J&G sales does say "New bullet type".