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  1. I think this is a misprint... probably should read he WILL NOT sell you substandard goods....
  2. Actually the bottom one on the left hand side wall rack is a SAKO M39, just crappy color in pic & you cant tell... Just like you cant tell the M39 are a mix of Chinese t53(their version of M44)...and there is a russian SKS in there too, old version sks with spring loaded firing pin what can i say I have a mosin problem, with an occasional different rifle thrown in when i get bored...LOL And you are right my M39 out shoots everything else
  3. Thanks for the comments Yeah as you can tell my main focus is Mosins.... but then because of this damn forum (lol) i had to get a saiga 308 & then the yugo AK (m70) followed, i guess it is all a snowball effect now... As far as the door jamb, luckily that had nothing to do with my rifles.. it is an old house built in 1926 and it has had a lot of renters in it since then that did not take care of it... now I own it & am in the process of renovation... This pic was taken before i finished, the rifles leaning against the wall are now hanging up also, I will have to get an
  4. Actually it is not synthetic. It is a traditional wooden Romak 2 Ak thumbhole buttstock, covered with spray on bedliner material. The black synthetic handguard is the stock saiga that I modified with a dremel
  5. sounds like a good idea to get the extra length..
  6. The other stock is a Romak 2 thumbhole stock... I sanded it down & coated it with spray on bed liner material... I like the looks of it but it was not as comfortable as I hoped... it may just be the size of my long monkey arms or something but the standard ak stock & pistol grip seem a little more comfortable
  7. Still need to buy upper handguard but here it is - Used to look like - Now - I still need to refinish the buttstock to mach the lower handguard but I will get around to that eventually...LOL
  8. the last 3 gun shows i have been to here in Florida, there has been S-308 UNCONVERTED for 600-700... seems people are trying to cash in while they can.
  9. I would be interested in styles 3,5,6 or 7. Not super picky, I just want a semi-normal AK style lower handguard for my 308. I know this is not much help. But I will definitely take one.
  10. A big want (other than mags) is a bolt on handguard retainer (for .308 Saiga)
  11. I'll take one of the adapters.. Let me know how when, and how you wanna do the payment.
  12. Are you talking about the warn meter or the little blue boxes underneath where it says "member" "top member" etc.... If you are talking about the boxes underneath the member description I think that is a graph bar that grows with how many posts you have made to the forum. If you are talking about the warning boxes, we all have 5 of the boxes, but it should say 0% next to the word warn. The boxes will light up a different color of blue as your percentage of "warn" goes up.
  13. the spot where the bolt carrier is hitting the gas tube is to far inside for me to get the dremel bit to work. It is not actually the gas piston hitting, it is the bolt carrier.... looks like i will be the proud owner of a gas tube i cant use.... so it is now official, nothing i got from FAC labeled AK47 worked for me..... oh well time to buy another gas tube
  14. when i read that, why did i get the same feeling as when my friend says "no go ahead its fine, you wont get hurt" and then i wake up in the hospital........
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