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  1. Looking for East German Makorov or Russian or both. I'm in the Houston area and have not seen any at the gun shows.
  2. Well the topic and the title say it all. Would like a receiver with trunion holes drilled if possible. went to the last gunshow in Pasadena Tx. and could not find the receiver I wanted.
  3. Ok I see, Comrade Clinton,enough said and thanks.
  4. Well the title says it all. Do I really need a bullet guide? Have not shot my 5.45 yet , hell it's still in the box. What problems do I have to look forward to? Have the Saiga in .223 and it runs flawlessly. Why do I need a guide for the 5.45? And if they do need one why doesn't the factory install them before they sell them? If it is unreliable I don't need it.All the other Saigas I own work well. Just my two cents.
  5. Hey as long as it shoots I'm all for it. Good looking gun!
  6. Either it was in the works or my constant E-mailing(whining) to Primemedia Outdoors worked. They have the Book of the AR15, and the Book of the 1911 and I asked why there wasn't a book of the AK47 . On my way to pick up my copy now. Cold, raining , and just downright miserable here on the Texas Gulfcoast.
  7. Pulled the one off of my SKS ,tried it and it is too small to go over the butt. Really don't like the looks of the limbsaver just seems out of place. Thanks for the info anyways. It would be nice if they made one similar to the PSL. The buttt is 135mm long and 35mm wide. Kalinka has a pad on their site for the SVD but it doesn't give dimensions. Once again thanx.
  8. I have the Russian Dragunov type stock on my .308 and would like to get a recoil pad for it that either slips on or bolts on. If it slips on it would br nice if it slips on like the one for my PSL. It doesn't look out of place or like crap. Any suggestions???
  9. I have to agree with you. I hate not having spare parts. Murphy's law is the golden rule.
  10. Went to the sight and thats pretty much what I had figured out. Thanks for the link, at least I know I didn't screw things up.
  11. I'm lucky enough to own a .308 Saiga and a Romak/PSL. I'm still currently working on the Saiga(new furniture scope etc.) but my PSL will shoot 1.5" groups at 100yds. all day if you let the barrel cool between strings. It opens up a bit at 200yds. and at 300yds 4-5 inch groups with an occasional flyer. It's not a Dragunov but it shoots damn well for the price. Spent almost as much for the scope as for the gun. I've been told that all the Romaks were junk but my shoots fine.
  12. Hey lumox, thanks. After removing the small tab from the lever I figured out how to adjust it. After I get it assembled I will post pics. I didn't think it was adjustable at first, once again thanks.
  13. I bought the Russian scope mount that is supposed to fit Saiga's but it only fits my .223 tight. When I put it on the .308 it is loose. I checked the rails on the guns and cannot find a difference between the two, but apparently there is. Both guns are EEA imports. Any suggestions?
  14. Looks great!!! I've never got anything from Gilberts, I guess now it's time too.
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