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  1. Awwww, thanks guys (and gal) Yup, I'm 35 years old today. I would celebrate by bumping off a few 30 rounders but ammo is getting very pricey these days and its raining. So I think I will treat myself to a few drinks and hint around for some x rated goodies later tonight! Thanks!
  2. I'm not lost... Just mad at everybody.....lol, Ok, just the weirdo, newbie tin foil hat heads! Thank you so much for the birthday greetings .... I'm still out shooting. And everything else thats fun! I'm 34 now, I guess I should slow down soon huh? Yea, right!! Wooooooooo! Hooooooooo!
  3. Great buyer. Paid quickly with good documentation and excellent comunication. A pleasure to deal with.
  4. The wood is Romanian and has been stained and refinished with a clear polyurothane coating used on bartops.
  5. For sale is a mint condition (never issued or fired) Hungarian AMD65 parts kit. This kit comes complete with everything to assemble the AMD65 except the mag and reciever. It also comes with a gas tube customized with retainers to accept an upper handguard, new sling and 2 screw kits. This parts kit came from Marsh Hawk Arms a few years ago when they still had the mint condition AMDs. The finish on it is 100% and all parts are perfect. I started a screw build with this kit on an Ohio Ordanance Works reciever but never completed it. I still have the mag and partially completed reciever. Any ques
  6. I would just like to tell everyone that I just made a GREAT trade with emr454. He has great communication skills both over the internet and phone. Pleasant guy to talk to, and an all around positive transaction. Very fast shipping on his end. Fantastic packaging and very fair barganing. emr454 has been a member here for a long time with nothing but positive influance and is definately an asset to our online community. I would not hesitate to deal with him again and will highly reccomend him to anyone intrested. Thanks!
  7. emr454 and I are still seeing if we can work out a deal.... I will let you know for sure tomorrow morning, thanks!
  8. Well, I'm actually selling this for the money. My motorcycle insurance is due and I need my nitrous bottle filled again. But I could use a good bolt action .22 for squirrel this season......
  9. Hi guys! I found this interesting unfinished conversion as part of a gun lot I bought last year. I was considering finishing it but could use the money right now. Anyway, its a brand new, complete (never issued or fired) Hungarian AMD65 front end mounted to a new (unfired) Saiga reciever. It is chambered for 7.62x39 the reciever is stamped with EAA COCOA FL and has a 4 digit serial number following EJ. It looks to me like a factory feed ramp model, it chambers rounds just fine but has not yet had the mag catch filed to accept AK mags. The head spacing checks out fine and all parts are in p
  10. Definately worth a $5 bill for lifetime contributor status. Nothing like that other forum!
  11. Hey guys and gals, just a quick thanks to everyone who rode with us at Rolling Thunder, Ride To The Wall this year. It was a great, fun and safe ride. And a special thank you to all the veterans and thier families for sacrificing so much for us. Seeing the wall again was a powerful reminder of the cost of our freedom. See Y'all next year.... THANK YOU!!!
  12. I am very proud to post my newest bike.... A 2002 VTX 1800C Drag bars, Vance and Hines pipes, Procharger intake and mappable fuel injection computer. This is without a doubt the smoothest and most powerful bike I have ever owned! I've built a half dozen S&S bikes for people and at least a dozen rat bikes for myself over the years but never took a ride on anything with this much Zoom! This thing is like a dragster with turn signals!! I've been putting a ton of miles on her and looking forward to a lot more! I can't believe they sell a "big bore" kit for this bike (it increases the displ
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