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  1. I shoot Brenneke 3" 1oz slugs out of mine. They were the most accurate slug out of my S-20 and the last 2 years they have taken down a deer.
  2. I've always ordered my Saiga supplies from CSS and it was nice to use the 5% discount on the Tapco stock I just ordered. I'll be back again for any future purchases as well.
  3. I just bagged a mature doe with the above mentioned set up. The slug went exactly where I was aiming. Venison for another year!
  4. My Saiga 20 puts Brenneke 3" 1oz slugs dead on at 50yds and groups them all in 2".
  5. I've tried Remington and Winchester 2 1/2" slugs as well as Brenneke 3" slugs and the Silver Bear slugs are the most accurate out of my S-410. I also have a couple boxes of Golden Bear buckshot but I handload my own using 4 "000" buck pellets in a 3" hull.
  6. Here's some interesting press for the benefits of a Saiga shotgun: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/green-beret-vs/32039
  7. Here's a Saiga-20 10 round magazine for sale. Of course they want a small fortune for it. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=179447592
  8. The OP states he "has read" that the Saiga .410 has an internal choke. I thought all .410s came with external screw-on chokes.
  9. My .410 came with and external screw-on choke. It loves Silver Bear .410 slugs!
  10. Nice shooting! I like the looks of your S-20. What slugs are you using?
  11. That deer was taken in Barry County.
  12. Semi-Autos are limited to 6 rounds total (5+1). My shot was from a tree stand 20' high and the deer was around 10 yards from the tree. My first shot at around 20 yards had hit his rear leg and he took off running, then made a quick turn to run right in front of my stand. I lead him a bit and dropped him with a running shot to the gut/thigh. I shot a 3rd neck shot from the tree stand to finish him off.
  13. I used my Saiga 20 on opening day of firearms deer season here in Michigan. I got this little guy running using Brenneke 3" rifled slugs.
  14. Here's the markings on my S-20. There is something there they crossed out:
  15. I've been happy with my handloaded buckshot loads. I load 4 000 buck into 3" hulls. I shoot mainly Barnaul/Silverbear slugs when I shoot a single projectile with the occasional Brenneke when I want to get 'serious'. I'll see how my lead .357 158gr RN bullets work with the BP 3' hulls and various wads I load with.
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