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  1. Prodge

    Chaos Saiga 12 Quad Rail!

    +1....same question...
  2. Prodge

    Saiga-M Did I screw up?

    Coal Forge....Your "M" looks like it has a slant at the rear of the receiver...is the receiver actually slanted in the back or is it the rear stock covering the back lower corner of the receiver making in look slanted? Reminds me of a Norinco. Very interesting.
  3. Prodge

    New conversion video

    Great job with the video. Looks crystal clear and detailed. This will help a lot of folks!!
  4. Prodge

    Stock Saiga-12 vs Concerted Saiga-12

    I'm going to agree with pedal2 also. I converted mine after the first trip to the range. I had decided I'd give it a chance before converting but I had previously converted my x39 and right away I noticed the sloppy trigger and less balanced feel. The gun works in stock form but it works sooo much better converted that it is WELL worth it to me. Besides, the cost was not that much.... Tromix modded trigger group: 50 bux Tromix Diy Trigger Guard: 50 bux Pistol Grip: 20 bux T6 Stock: 50 bux Taking that bad ass piece of machinery out of your rifle bag at the range and having everyone come over to drool all over it...PRICELESS!!! lol...well cleaning the drool off is not soo cool but you get the idea!!
  5. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    I used the Tapco.
  6. Prodge

    Ultra light SHTF saiga Rifle

    Wow...talk about a COMPLETE reply...awesome info. Just copied all this into my Saiga folder in my computer. Been looking for an excuse to build an ak...I might have just found it
  7. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    No prob I only had to notch the tang VERY slightly (took about 10 seconds with dremel) to leave room for the rear most screw head of the DIY Trigger Guard. I took a picture of what I had to trim from the tang...I made a tiny u-shaped notch...simple stuff...you can barely see it in the pic (look carefully at the rearmost part of the tang), removed a TINY amount of material...just enough to clear the head of that rear screw...
  8. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    Coincidentally.. I had actually made a quick video for a buddy of mine (who is thinking of getting an S12 and converting) this morning while I was doing my conversion. He had asked me what exactly the Tromix diy trigger guard did...I uploaded the video to photobucket not sure if it will help out "wheel" and "starman"...the video is there already might as well use it
  9. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    Maybe you are right but I have read several posts stating that the Tromix DIY will accept other AK grips...I personally am happy with the saw so it's no biggie to me. But I always assumed that I could put other grips on it with the right screw. Not trying to start an argument or anything but just throwing the info out there See below... I'm pretty sure the nut is in a different position. I could go measure it, but I'll just safely assume that it is different, considering there is 1/3" gap between my pistol grip and triggerguard now. The BHO sticks into my finger, as the reach is a bit much.
  10. Prodge

    Preblem with new Surefire mags

    My 12 rd surefires fit perfectly without touching them.
  11. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    Yes, 1. it moves the trigger group forward, 2. it also covers up the old rear trigger hole, and as if that wasn't enough 3. it gives you a pistol grip nut all in a part that takes less than a minute to install. The S12's do NOT have the pistol grip holes cut in them so you would actually have to cut out the square hole yourself for pistol grip. With the DIY guard you cut nothing! Remove the stock plate (paint bottom of receiver where plate was) and slap on the new trigger guard...DONE.
  12. Prodge

    DIY Tromix Trigger Guard

    I just converted mine THIS MORNING using a Tromix DIY trigger and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!! I am soo happy I decided to get one, it made the job a snap and it is really a VERY nicely made piece. I actually prefer the fixed pistol grip nut that they use and if you use the right length screw I don't see why you couldn't use any pistol grip that you'd like???? The nut is in the standard position and standard angle if I am not mistaken?? I'm pretty sure I could slap any AK pistol grip on there with the correct length screw for it. BobAsh, can you guys PLEASE make a bolt on guard for the x39 Saiga's too...PLEASE!!! I want to take my home made one off soo bad after seeing how great the Tromix one looks on my 12. Just gotta slap up a pic of my project from this moring...I used the Tromix diy trigger guard and the Tromix modded Tapco Trigger Group...
  13. Prodge

    Surefire 12rd magazine update

    Got mine a couple days ago, thanks Greg. Perfect and solid fit, easy to pop in and out...converted my 12 this morning!!! Took me half the time it took to convert my 7.62, man I'm getting good at this...lol
  14. I am a newb when it comes to AK's/variants..so forgive me if this is a silly question. When was the side mount first introduced? Did original/old/first (whatever the correct term is) AK's have them? I see photos of AK's that don't have them so I was just wondering. Thanks
  15. Never noticed that in your sig...It would be cool to maybe have a sticky or something listing guys in various cities/areas who are willing to help others out.