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  1. Well this was easy to figure out (I should have tried before I posted the question) I simply had to file a small amount off of both sides of the first 'rib' on the back of the mag where it touches the bottom of the receiver/mag well. They now lock up very solidly.
  2. Is there any trick or mod needed to get the SureFire mags to lock in? I just received 4 new 12rd. mags and none of them will even come close to locking in at the mag catch.
  3. I think I can see a thread that is mangled, but it is kind of hard to tell- do you know what size die or exactly what tool I would need to try and fix this myself- I am not exactly what you would call "mechanically inclined" thanks for the quick reply too!
  4. Hello all- New guy here, Just got my Saiga12 GIZ109 today. No sooner did I get it out of the box, then something went fubar. I unscrewed the IC choke/thread protector, and now I can't screw it back on. It will screw partially on, then stop I don't know if it is cross threaded or what? Any one else ever have this happen? (I did a search,but didn't find anything) I called a few gunsmiths but none had a large enough metric die to chase the threads. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
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