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  1. I hope some of you have some luck with these criminals, honestly I'd like to see everyone in that company locked up or charged with theft and or false advertising and whatever else you can come up with.
  2. Ah hell no, I AM DONE with this company. I emailed Cem personally last year and told him that much, told him "I give up", keep the gun it's yours, enjoy it. Do you think he emailed me back saying no no you paid I want to make sure you get this... of course not. Got no response whatsoever after that. So clearly, he, and this company have no integrity as far as I am concerned. They do not care about you or your guns, they just want your money and for you to cause as little problem for them as possible. I was nothing but patient, for that first 2 fucking YEARS always taking what they told m
  3. Sorry guys don't come here very often as I lost interest in Saiga's thanks to me dealings with E-Tac... Dude, based on what you wrote. . . you are telling us that you NEVER received your firearm and you make no mention of a reimbursement of your $2.5K. What was the end of your story with Esteban? My story is true, and that's all there is to it. Never received my gun, never received a refund, asked multiple times over the years was always ignored and told theyd have it done soon. Even called me, multiple times, saying it was done, only to never hear anything back, and when checkin
  4. Yeah please avoid E-Tac and Cem like the plague. I "won" a spot in the saiga-12 forum lottery they did on this site like 3 years ago. Lucky me, $2500 later, sent up front, and 2 and a half years later I still never got my gun, from what I was told by all the emails and phone calls, it was re-welded 3 different times by different people, painted 3 different times. And after the first time he told me it was ready and I sent FFL info, he never sent it, gave me crap about his UPS account being frozen. 6 months later when it finally shipped my FFL had gone out of business, so I completely gave
  5. And same shit different day, after being told the gun was finished and ready to ship a few weeks ago, and to provide them with FFL info.... It's been two weeks since my FFL has been trying to contact them, fax them, call them, and alas, nothing. Still no gun, and he just called me to say that he's not gotten one response, one answered call or fax, and no returned messages. Got to love it.
  6. Sounds like they are trying to make good, got a call from Esteban last night stating it was getting coated and would be ready to ship. Got to go get some FFL info and send that to them sometime today. So we'll see, but sounds like things are moving.
  7. I'm one of the ones that could be out a good deal of money and I don't blame the forum, at all. I made the decision back then to go with E-Tac. And it did not turn out the way I hoped it would. My research told me it might take a while, but just figured if I was patient and paid early I might get lucky. But as usual with being the nice guy my order probably just sat there, and sat there, and sat there. While if I had called every week and bitched and bitched and bitched maybe it would of been done by now *shrug*. Who knows. I finally got another response from Esteban yesterday. Sa
  8. Granted things may have changed since 09 but even before I ordered they had a reputation of taking their sweet time. BUT if you ever did manage to get one from Esteban, that it was very high quality. So I knew that going in. And I was prepared to wait a year or so from the get go. But my patience has finally worn thin and can't get any answers so it seems I've about run out of options. Continue waiting, but that hasn't worked for me so far. I sure do feel fucking stupid ordering from them now tho.
  9. Can I do that? I didn't send him my gun for a conversion, I opted for the "buy new" from them and have them modify it. So not sure where that is at, technically, they should have one there with my name on it. Only thing I failed to provide was FFL info as I thought I'd just wait til they told me it was ready to ship. They never sent me anything with a serial # on it where I can say "hey that's my gun!"
  10. Yeah I got royally screwed on this deal, first time, and last time, I ever buy an expensive gun online. As I won't forget this experience ever. I guess I'll be contacting an attorney here soon, not that I have any course of action, but I'll be happy spending money on them just to cost these assholes money. And since their website is gone I guess I need to keep a close eye out for these individuals and look for their new business whenever that gets setup under a third or fourth name. And maybe since I sent them a US Postal Service money order, since they requested payment in full in o
  11. You're not the only one waiting, I was a part of that "forum lottery" or whatever they did 2 years ago. Won my spot, knew when they said they were hoping to have the guns ready by the end of that year that it wasn't going to happen, but I was okay with that. Figured it might take about a year or so... but now I'm just 2-3 months away from 2 years since I sent payment in full. No replies lately, no phone calls, got one a few months ago stating they were painting, never heard anything back. My gun has been waiting on a "rail" for as long as I can remember. I requested a refund a while ago,
  12. long legged mack daddy making friends left and right these days. don't know what it is, but this guy gets an A+ for entertainment value
  13. For you UFC fans I did more GIFs for Anderson, this is most popular, sorry for size. and youtube with music
  14. Damn and I know I've had access to at least 2 or 3 old small fridges like that I didn't think I had any use for
  15. This shit is just scary, I'm at a loss for words over this one. And that's saying something. I guarantee you anybody that took a car in knows nothing about this lol, fucking retarded ass people signing shit without reading it.
  16. They can't touch guns while the economy is in the shitter. Clinton was riding high after the dot com boom, things were good at the time of the first ban. People are too pissed off right now, am doubting he can even get his cap and tax through, or healthcare. Guns is a no-go right now. I could definitely see the import of our beloved saiga come to an end before a "ban" tho, they could do all sorts of crafty things. Point being, if things are going well for everyone, they don't watch whats going on in DC so much. Right now everyone is paying attention. It's all about 2010... am pretty
  17. I love what they're doing down there. From what I've been able to read I am 100% behind their decision to oust that leftist wacko. Last I heard, before they shipped his ass off, he had distributed ballots for some referendum amongst the Army troops. All this crap so he can emulate Chavez, abolish term limits, and stay in power as long as he wants. It's no freaking suprise President Zero is coming to his defense, Venezuala, Cuba, all these socialist morons deserve the same treatment. My only disappointment so far is that they didn't shoot this assholes plane out of the sky yesterday.
  18. Bet there are quite a few people loving his nuts right about now They're now saying heart disease. Saw Billy on Neil Cavuto not too long ago, "I'm BILLY MAYS HERE FOR BARRACK OBAMA'S STIMULUS PLAN" was pretty good.
  19. I have to admit that I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why people who didn't know him personally would mourn the passing of the guy who sold Oxyclean on late night television. Nothing personal, people can mourn whoever they want. I guess I just don't see how a TV pitchman can have any real importance in the average person's life. But thats just me. I don't know, just my take. Most of us probably never bought any of his crap, but there was just something about the guy. He was fun, was on TV making fun of himself, and clearly loved what he was doing. Seemed easy to identif
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