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  1. is that a 22lR converion kit for a para? if so ill BUY IT!
  2. hey everyone i am selling my 308 saiga 16" sythetic, it has been an excellent gun, i am selling to fund some other gun projects. probably turn my shotty into a tactical, and buy some parts for my pistol. it will come with the following: 308 saiga 16 synthetic, i am guessing 300ish rounds through it, i really havent kept track 8 rnd clip original box that will be shipped i would ship it with some ammo but it would be too expensive i have some papers with the rifle and the wrapping paper stuff ummm hows 300 shipped INCLUDING ffl fees and shipping on my end lemme know smith329@purdue.edu
  3. hey i need a underfolder for my saiga 308 where do i find one
  4. ok the previous offer of the amount of the .308 plus the ammo will be accepted, just have to review the agreement, assuming you have not purcahsed one yet let me know
  5. hello i have the following for sale Springfield XD40 4" service model, black 2xhi cap case havent filled the warranty card out, purchased this summer kydex holster aluminum snap caps extra parts that the xd came with i sold a laptop on ebay, and it went fine, until 1.5 months after i sold it. needless to say, the buyer did a fraudulent transaction through paypal, so he has my laptop, did a fraudulent chargeback and left me with a negative balance, needless to say it is hefty. i am a college student and this was a pretty big hit for me, holiday season is coming around, and good ol paypal has a collection agency on my ass for something that the buyer purposely did. i cant do anything because since he went through his CC, then paypal doesnt want to lose money, so i am screwed. i have to pay it or i will get my credit score messed up and loans rates will go up, so in the end this amount must be paid or it will costs thousands later. i am trying to legally go after him, but the police offer no help, since it is a civil matter. different state, differernt rules, and now it is difficult to get a hold of this person. so i need to sell my firearms i sold my saiga AK, now this is the only one left that i can sell. there are some holster marks, i have a holster and it was holstered a few times when i went to the range, kinda difficult to avoid. there is a slight mark on the slide as well, but other than that normal wear. the stress of college, dealing with this paypal issue, and a very signicany amount (think of the price of your laptop) that an agency is after you for. this would help in alleviating some stress. i will sell the gun FFLed for... pics (the light from the flash doesnt do its justice, but you can see the tip wear from holster, and slight mark mid part of the slide) http://images.dr3vil.com/upload2/IMG_0382.JPG $380 FLLed all accesories mentioned above $350 FFLed no accories just stock gun if this isnt a fair price, let me know, this pistol isnt more than 5-6 months old and probably 600+ rounds shoot me a PM if you are intereseted, i am very open to offers (reasonable, no low blows) thanks
  6. i want to sell the AK new in box, has everything that you would pay in a store. 300 FFLed to your FFL
  7. the POSP 4-8x42 VD is 170 shipped, now this will allow me to zooom in correct? what does the 8x42 mean? i mean what does the first and last number mean. is this better or worse then the posp 8x42 WD for 149 shipped? i reallize with the 8X42 WD i need buy a mount which are like under 40 or something. if i get the 8x42 WD and sell this can i throw the 8x42 WD on a ar15 or is this scope only good for AK styles with the same bullet types? thanks *i would liek to order within a few days, parents gave the go ahead for a 'early' xmas gift
  8. http://posp.ru/8x42wd.html does this come with everything that i would need for my .308? if it doesnt sell for the price i am wanting, then i will ask for this scope for xmas. POSP 8x42 WD Waterproof Optical Sight with illumination of 1000 m scale for range finding and 7/8" weaver mount. thanks
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