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  1. Thanks for the suggestion guys! Fixed!
  2. I just received my two MD20 drums and Gunfixer's gas plug from Mike. My original gas plug fits the gun just fine, but the new improved gas plug does not thread into the gas tube. I think that the threads are OK, and the plug starts into the tube threads, but it then hits the barrel, and just stops. There is just not enough clearance between the gripping surface of the plug, and the barrel. My S12 has the factory finish on the barrel, but the new plug has removed all of it where it touches (after three or four attempts to install it). I have removed & reinstalled the factory unit many
  3. Thanks Mike! My order #'s were 4165 and 6116. I received them both today, because Mike was cool enough to combine my orders!
  4. Will the AR pistol grip conversion block & Magpul MIAD work with the Tromix trigger guard. I love the MIAD on my AR's, and would welcome one on the S12 if it would fit correctly.
  5. I live in the Chattanooga, TN area, and would be glad to help anyone with their S12 conversion! Send me a PM if you need some assistance.
  6. My order arrived today! Everything was there, and I am a happy man. I just finished fitting the receiver block, and the only thing I have left is to grind & install the fire control group.
  7. I ordered two of the ten round AGP magazines from SAIGA-12.com store, and decided later that night that I would also like the Polychoke II included in the order. I called them the morning after I placed the magazine order, and added the Polychoke. These people are great to deal with, and Fed Ex had the box on my door step the very next afternoon! Thanks SAIGA-12.com!
  8. I called Ace customer service today & very nicely inquired about my order status, and was told that many orders were shipping tomorrow. The lady on the phone explained that my order "might" be one of those - I hope so. She was unable to look up my order status via the order number, but instead, had to use my zip code & name. I realize & understand that there is a rush on these types of parts, and my small $200.00 order would not take precedence over a $20,000 order, but it seems like they could at least give me an estimate on shipping time.
  9. On December 5th, I called Ace customer service to inquire about the in stock status of the regular folding mechanism, a 9.5" tubular stock, and an internal receiver block. Customer service replied that everything was in stock, but shipping may take up to two weeks. She said to go ahead and place my order online, so I placed my order immediately after talking with them. Their web site said that my order was "pending" that day, the next day the status was updated to "processing", and the status was updated again (two weeks ago) to "received". I have tried to call them (to no avail) about
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