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  1. I'm not too concerned about how shiny it ends up, I just want the black gone. I thought brake cleaner in a ziplock freezer bag would've taken it off but nope. Sorry if this has been talked to death, I don't have the best connection where I am (cheesy non-smart phone in rural area).
  2. I'm getting something similar, also using an iPhone. I attempt to view a thread that comes up in a Google search, and although I'm logged in I'm told that "this forum requires a password" as in a separate general password in addition to one's personal log in password.
  3. Same question, but I'm not seeing them on GB either.
  4. that's what I needed, and I do appreciate it, incl. the pics. I wasn't sure if you thought I only meant bullet stabilization and not also gas system. THANKS! PS: what gas block/front sight and what dust cover rail are you using? Thx
  5. You didn't have to open up the gas ports? Guys- If anyone can comment on whether I might be under-gassed, I'd be grateful.
  6. Once I'm done with all of my corrosive ammo I'm not getting any more, so I was thinking of having the barrel cut and the sight + comp welded to a total of 17 or so. (I wouldn't want to shoot corrosive if I can't remove the comp to clean out the expansion chamber) I'm just concerned to avoid keyholing or any other headache. What sez yall? whoops: I should qualify this is NOT a Saiga barrel; Saiga owners are simply better to ask.
  7. Sorry for the lazy question, I'm posting on my phone from work and can't do any research. Am I wrong that the thumbhole Veprs I'm seeing are only a recent phenomenon? I'm hoping to see 'true' format Saiga rifles imported, considering that, ironically, the 1994 CB definition of an "assault rifle" excludes the most ubiquitous AK47: wood stock, pistol grip, no FH, no bbl threads, accepts hi-cap box mag, no bayo lug. Or even s12s. PG shotguns are now "sporting." Thanks bros
  8. Really? That would be nice. Maybe I just read threads like these: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/64359-question-about-tapco-gas-puck/ http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/54725-tapco-gas-puck-any-problems/ ...and jumped the gun. Sorry Tapco.
  9. Cool! Would you rate these as roughly equivalent to the OEM puck? Thanks bro.
  10. I haven't been following fun stuff (largely gun stuff) for a good while, but I did remind myself to watch that ATF thing from earlier last year. So when the new parts count thing was announced, I worked the checklist on my phone and discovered that my foreign-mfg folding stock means no more foreign mags. But I was relieved by the home-made floorplate option along with the easily replaced gas "puck" option. A month or so later, my buddy with .mil discounts asked if I wanted anything from (popular parts co.) and I was stoked to actually remember the puck thing. My TAPCO puck just arrived, an
  11. MAN I wish we could have SBSs in WA. Well, at least we don't have those monstrous UK barrels. Yours would look great with one of those new $50 RPK handguards.
  12. ...Unless it also shoots .45 cartridges, and is < .50", then apparently it's a pistol. What if somebody added a 16" barrel and stock to a "judge" pistol? Would it then be a SBS? Would seem pretty weird. Why couldn't any .410 that can also fire (feed? hmm) .45 revolver cartridges be taken down to 16" and considered a rifle? If I remember the 1968 stuff correctly, all firearms with bores > .5" are open to categorization as DD by DOJ except shotguns so long as said shotguns are "sporting." Another question in states (such as mine) that allow DDs but don't allow SBRs or SBSs is if a guy
  13. Just a harmless question that popped into my head after a couple beers, I profusely apologize in advance for whatever rage I provoke. I was just wondering if a 12ga with rifling would legally qualify as a rifle such that its barrel could legally be shortened to 16." Well, since the highly creative industry hasn't exploited this yet, I suppose I should ask "why not?" I was thinking about those gimmicky Taurus Judge pistols and assumed that any legal weirdness is undone by the rifling. Sorry if I pissed anyone off. M@A
  14. Thanks for responding. I suppose I'll try other ammo before I give up on it. Any recommendations?
  15. Bros- I own two Saiga firearms, so please don't give me shit or tell me I deserve my current headache, etc. I just don't (yet?) own a 5.45 Saiga rifle. I got tired of waiting for the Saiga 5.45 (which I whined about for years) and took the gamble on a 2009-mfg. Century Bulgarian AK74. I have fired about 400 rounds of corrosive Ukrainian surplus out of it, with zero keyholing beyond 30 yards. Under 25 yards, it leaves oblong holes about the width of two clean holes. No true key-holes like the shameful Century Tantals. I have heard that 5.45x39 just does this, even from Saiga rifles.
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