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  1. There's a wave coming state side that is going to disrupt the system like a tsunami. What remains while be what is right. The government will not be the only area that gets a good enema. The Church is too. The ripple effects while be world wide. There will no longer be gray areas like there has been. Basically everyone will be on the right side or the wrong...
  2. Please vote. Don't let anyone convince you that it is not worth the effort or discourage you from doing all that you can do to influence the future of this country. It is not hopeless. I acknowledge the corruption and forces of wickedness at work, never the less, The forces of Light, Life, and True Good can use your effort to perform a miracle! It might not be a bed of roses for a while, but our country can be set back on the right track and become awesome. Don't let the mainstream media puppets talk you out of it...
  3. Sorry for being late to the party... Big to you young man Happy Birthday!
  4. What's the scoop on this unit. Good to go for concealed carry? How about H D? Anyone have first hand experience with it? Any help appreciated! Thanks in advanced. Found one NIB for$180.00 Total... Thanks in advance!
  5. Just how far are these things going to go before there is such outcry that it cannot advance any farther! Are we going to wait until we are all left with nothing but our dicks in our hand?
  6. I bless you with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus
  7. How long did it take for the check to show after they recieved the sights you sent?
  8. Made it through the first hurdle. Did you guys who returned more than one ship them in seperate containers/boxes, or pack them into one?
  9. Or perhaps a T shirt like the older guy that opened some kicked some ass on the bus with this black kid that was throwing his weight around. His shirt said "I' a mother fucker"
  10. looks like I'm about to start the process, months after everyone else. I pulled them all off and set them aside in December and then just found them after searching all this time... Thee old puter is limping along. No longer able to print out anything sooo not quit sure how this is going to go...
  11. That was the version I kind a picked up being in the garage around a bunch of rednecks that drank a lot of beer when working on cars over the weekend. You should have seen my third grade teachers face when I handed it in as my favorite poem...
  12. Casey Jones was a son of a bitch He wrecked His train in a 40 foot ditch Broke the boiler and scalded His balls and shit all over his over alls
  13. Last squirrel I ate was slow cooked in the crock pot with a can of cream of mushroom soup. The meat fell off the bones. It had a clean, slightly sweet flavor, was tasty.
  14. Let's see a live debate without Barry having his training wheels on...
  15. I'm sure I listened to a lot of his songs on the radio when I listened to pop, before I had an 8 track and started buying albums.... But when I started seing video of him sings live, seemed like he was a little to freaky for me. Way too much "guyliner". Never less, I hope he some how made it into the right place when the time came...
  16. Happy Birthday! I use to where my eye patch while with the Captain quite frequently...
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