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  1. Do what ever works best for you buddy. Normally, with a handgun, or iron sights on a rifle, or even peep sights on a rifle, I focus on the front sight. With A red dot, or a holographic sight, like an EOtech, I look through the dot, but focus on the target. Sometimes I have a hard time switching from one to the other.
  2. I've always liked the 3006 round. If you ran out of ammo, the Garand is solid enough to crack some skulls... I use to call it a real mans rifle...
  3. That sucks! I realy liked their rectical. So how do I proceed to return the EO's???
  4. It was Jacob Herman, previously worked for Red Jacket Firearms, that did video of a all USA made AK with nitride barrel. James Yeager was asking him some questions about it . Jacob said that the accuracy would drop off after about 12,000 rounds due to wear on the coating... then again it was built by Century...
  5. It's my understanding that chrome when well done offers much higher round count while not quite conclusive to accuracy...
  6. I just watched that movie a couple days ago. Now those are some BFGs.
  7. Does kind of look like it ran into the side of a bus, but somethings that look ugly have beauty in other ways than can be appreciated.
  8. And no one sees this as just the beginning... Why does our country insist on having their selector stuck on full retard...
  9. If I remember right, he sold his Saiga-308 and bought the PTR 91, He said it had a heavy barrel and that he was very happy with it as far as accuracy and fit and finish. I wondered if his opinion of it was still the same.
  10. Does go back away... Scoutjoe and saltpeter were members back then... Hope he's doing well where ever he's at...
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