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  1. I confess I've not yet researched the story. Sounds like she made some retarded remarks inregards to the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center.I just happened upon it. I think most of you are aware that Rosie has openly expressed here anti firearm views on more than one ocasion. http://www.aolvideoblog.com/2007/04/10/boycott-rosie/
  2. Considering how much some of the S-12 mags seem to go for on ebay, could the forum maybe raffle off some as a fund raiser to help cover expenses? What do you guys think. bvamp?
  3. Couldn't resist. The devil made me do it. I've got too much Hill Billy in me to hang with the elite crowd.
  4. There for a moment I thought I had logged on to arfcom by mistake when I seen "elite member".
  5. "When I get my tat & die back from macbeau I can make a few...$20 each" I'd be sure be interested in purchasing one of those TAT for $20.00, Mr. Dinzag sir.
  6. Looks like I'm no longer able to edit, or delete my own posts. I use to delete my old posts to free up banwidth once in a while. I'm not finding a thread alignment tool for the 5/8-24.
  7. 5/8-24, is that what the AR10 uses??? Wouldn't mind mounting up a Smith Vortex.
  8. Did your research included the the effects it has on using slugs?
  9. The steel hull ammo is suppose to prevent top round deformation. It had been cosidered low priced stuff kind of like the other steel cased AK Russian ammo. I did have a case of Barnual 12G 00 Buck that was the Over All Length was too long for the Russian mags. Especially the 8 rounders. It didn't matter how much material I removed from the mag they would not feed worth a crap. I considered trying to trim down the cases, but I never got anywhere with that idea yet. I'm wondering how risky it would be to use a monster size case trimmer on a live round.? Any ideas on this issue is welc
  10. That's a mean break posted above . If looking to kill muzzle flash the Smith's Vortex flash eliminator seams to do well.
  11. So operators will have to wait for desk jockey to say it's OK to fire on a target.?
  12. Surefire first choice. Pentagon for economical second choice. http://www.pentagonlight.com/ The Pentagons can be found cheaper on AR15COM
  13. Some folks have reported lead/plastic build up in the gas port in the past. I believe Tromix had a stainless replacement piston they were offering. Don't know if they still do. I've yet to have that problem. If I did, I'd take a look at the inside of the gas cylinder and the outer diameter of the piston. I'm curious if something like the piston fiting too loose, or being out of round ect..., could lead to it seizing. If the piston fits tight I'd be tempted to try using some diamond paste like is used to hand lap barrels,or polishing the piston with some jewler's rouge .
  14. I ended up using a 4 1/2" hand held grinder with a cut off wheel on it. After I removed the top portion with the notch, I began a relief cut across the remainding part of the old site. It wasn't until I was almost completly through all the way across that I was able to squish it with a pair of vise grips and and slide it out. I wanted to save the original, but decided it wasn't worth scarring up the shotgun in the proccess when I could replace the site with a different one later.
  15. Billy Idol: Rebel Yell, Vinnie Vincent: Animal, Sammy Hagar: I can't drive 55.
  16. Adjust windage with an AK front site C tool. What barrel length are you using?
  17. Longer barrels tend to make more use of the powder burn, resulting in more velocity. 24" Saiga barrels comes standard with what the Russians call Full choke. By U.S. standards, this would be XTRA FULL. Also some gas is being bled off to operate the action of the semi auto Saiga.
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