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  1. On the Halo that I installed, the front of the cover just plain could not get enough height to engage the slot it fits in. I used some grinding stones that I believe were originaly for an old die grinder. I chucked them in a cordless drill and started at the rear bottom edge behind the screw for the rear site and worked forward and backward, as well as side to side. The screw over protruding was one of the culprits, so I left it in and ground it down as I went along. I ended up with a wide, shallow channel under the rear site block where the top of the dust cover makes contact. I went slo
  2. That stock looks tough! I think that we all realize how uncle BATF likes to make the rules as he goes along. I would think that it comes down to the question of is this something that you manufactured/remanufactured or not.
  3. I got into a little more work on the Halo that I installed. I removed some material from the lug pocket allowing the rail enough room to slide on all the way. The mounting hole didn't center due to the gas block being farther back on the barrel, but the hole in the rail was just large enough so the hole on the shotgun was not covered up by the rail. I used a sling swivel stud for a Mossberg 500 to mount it. I cut the top of the swivel stud off just above the hole and used the edge of a file to square the old hole up into what amounts to a huge a screw slot. The diameter of the head
  4. My main concern was that the over all length of the bolt carrier assembly has change(shortened) perhaps due to mushing the threads after firing 3" slugs with it on the wrong gas setting and overworking the action, and maybe took it out of time or something like that. I'm really begining to wonder if there was a burr or some other imperfection in that joint that finally got knocked loose and came out freeing that rod up to move like it is suppose to. I don't remember how to tell if the rod is extended to the correct length on the S-12.
  5. Yes. On an AK rifle it would be. It screws into the front of the bolt carrier. I refered to it as an operating rod due to lack of a better term at the time. The S-12 has an actual gas piston that is not attached to the bolt carrier. Gas piston rod maybe? Any idea how much play would be too much?
  6. How much wobble can the S-12 operating rod have and still be within normal range? I had an S-12 that had very little originally. After having a few three inch slugs fired through it with the gas setting on #2, the rod loosened up, it has more wobble then it did before. It also started short cycling. So how much is too much slop?
  7. I emailed the manufacturer inregards to the scout rail about six months ago. They wrote back saying that they could make rails to what ever length I wanted. It would be a custom order, so there would be a price difference. They also said that they were not sure it would fit the S-308.
  8. I've been looking for a fix for that issue on a 12 guage. It started after firing some slugs with the gas set on 2. Prior to that the joint was tight. I'm thinking that BVAMP posted that his S-12 did not cycle as reliably after he encountered this. I observed a decline in reliability as well. A big thanks for sharing! ,cs.
  9. Cool. Looking forward to the pics.
  10. Looks like the mag is longer than the barrel!
  11. suck my balls BarkBark10 hehe Still not HERE!!! My eyes are stinging and red, All this coffee is making me twitch like a crack whore having an orgasm. Mags, mags, mags.. is that the Big Brown Truck? no, just another crappy client.... I think all the attorneys at this firm are going to vote me for a drug test today... I, I just need my mags.. that's all, just to touch it.. Dam! Code Red MTD just shot out my nostrils! LOL
  12. "Does that qualify as a pistol or rifle?" Flame thrower.
  13. Cobra, Who has the tri rail?
  14. Pointer, What does your S12 weigh all dress up?
  15. I don't have a V12. I did notice that someone who is currently dealing with the Russians elude to the possability of them being available in the future. I'm currious as to if the S12 forend will fit the V12. Maybe one of our Russian forum members could enlighten us as to weather or not the two are compatable in that way.
  16. Is there any chance the Halo rail will fit a Veper 12?
  17. What I don't understand is why don't we see more people raising hell about the fact that the our boarders are not secure as an issue in it's self. If a mexican can sneak across to take a job, what stops anyone else from coming across? I just had an evil thought, so I had to come back and edit this post. What would it do for incentive to sneak in if it was an automatic trip to a labor camp, to help build a big ass concrete wall that stretches from sea to shinning sea. The more that come over and are busted, the quicker the wall goes up to keep'em out. Just a thought.
  18. Or you could buy a pin on thread adaptor from rick-16 who posts on this board.?
  19. Edited to say: Welcome to the forum Arizona! Congratulations on the .308!
  20. Here's a link to an optics forum. There's a lot of good info there. Also you can find some decent deals on good quality scope on the Dealers sample list at times. Some of the folks on the forum are gear snobs. They consider long range engagments 1000 to 2000 meters. That tends to take some high end stuff. There are also some guys there that are regular Joes that can give good advise on getting lower priced stuff that is not junk. www.opticstalk.com Wish ya the best, cs
  21. I don't know how much you are looking to spend, but if possible, I would spend a little more and get something like a Burris Full Field II, Buckmaster, Muller Optics. Some times the cheap scopes that are made in Russia, and Japan are not bad, but generally any that are made in China are the lowest quality. Nc Star is poor quality. Edited: I just noticed that Mueller Optics does not ship outside of the US. That is the reason that I did not recomend the Super Sniper, as SWfA does not ship the SS outside the US either. Sorry.
  22. Man!, It looks like I missed the boat on the pre order for the mags. I hope some of you guys will test the crap out of them, with every kind of ammo you can get your hands on. Especially some Barnaul STEEL HULL AMMO, as this stuff was made for the S-12, wasn't it. From the info Kevin has shared on materials and design, it sounds like these will be well made. With some firearms there are the cheap jive mags that are OK for the range but basically junk. Then there are the good mags that cost more, but are what everyone really wants. It's easy to find junk. If these things run well, thes
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