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  1. Stopped drinking over 10 years ago. When I did it was Budweiser for General all around any time beer. Some times Mickey's, King Cobra, and Moose Head beer. When really partying it up and doing crazy stuff like BVAMP firing his 12 guage with the butt against his head, and wanted something with a good bite, Everclear out of the bottle.
  2. cpileri, I did not pursue reloading the steel hull ammo, but I saved the empties. I also have the remainder of the case of 00 buck that I'm guarding with my life. LOL I'm hoping that the US made mags will like it better. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking that the poster "ned pepper" suceeded in reloading the .410 steel hull ammo . The post would be aways back in the forum.
  3. There was a poster who I believe was a LEO that added a williams rear peep that had adjustable wind, and elev. The unit attached to the side of the reciever, so it could be located close to the eye.
  4. No. Reason being is my experience with the beta mags themselves has been negative. They can be fun at the range, but the design/construction seems to be poor for anything else. On another note, if a guy could offer a way to add an M16/AR15 feed tower to chineese drums there might be a market there.? Just my 2 cents.
  5. That's normal. Tromix squares them up when doing builds so the stock is inline with the bore. Some folks just leave them as is.
  6. Jeric, That's good to hear! I was curious what price range they will be in. Feel free to shoot me an email when they are available. Maybe you can send out a bulk email to the members hear.
  7. I found the post that I was thinking of. It is the bolt, rather than the carrier. I started this thread without taking a look at the S-12 first. Link, http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...amp;p=2398& Posted by LEO: "Hey Guys: I have an older Saiga that I traded into the first year they were on the market in the US. I am a police officer so I can do pretty much anything I want to this thing. I have relocated the pistol grip and put a bunch of Galil parts on it, Galil folder, pistol grip, forend and safety/selector (operated with the left thumb). I had to mod
  8. How bout it guys?, can it be done? Maybe with a redesigned carrier? I remember a poster from long ago who said that he is a LEO, and that he solved the top round deformation problem by changing the angle on the bottom of the bolt carrier by removing enough material to allow a full mag to be locked in on a closed bolt without the top round being pressed against the carrier. I was concerened that this mod would weaken the carrier enough to cause a falure. I wonder if a custom made Titanium carrier with this mod would be possable? Would be nice if our"AK" shoties could use any ammo
  9. My experience has been that the S-12 loves the win super-x slugs. No problems cycling the wally world low power stuff now. I opened the ports up due to short cycling and afterwards noticed that I was it was loosing gas preasure through the hole that the front bead threaded into, as I went to a Russian front site that clamps to the barrel and this hole was open. After using an allen head screw with loctite to seal up that hole it worked great. Previously I was flamed for asking if any one knew how to reload steel hull ammo, like the stuff would always be plentiful. I did buy some and trie
  10. There are plenty of barrels with 1in7 twist in theater now, as well as in civillian hands being used to stabilize 75,77, and 79gr bullets to extend that fragmentation range of the 223 round, and still maintain some accuracy. I personally will not use 45Gr-bullet in a barrel with 1in7 twist, although i've seen it done. Edited: to say I wanted to clarify that the barrels I'm talking about were not on Saigas. I don't know what the Saiga .223 use.
  11. I've seen more than one 5.56/223 using 16"barrels with 1in9 twist barrels fail to stabilize 75gr+ bullets on targets at 100 meters. If you look at the ballistics of the 223 round you'll see why it would be desirable to use as heavy a bullet as possible when using the 5.56mm/.223 round .
  12. Congradulations! If you could post some pictures that would be nice
  13. AAAAAAAHHHH, a side arm that Mad Max would be proud to carry.
  14. I'm surprised we haven't heard of a Saiga in 6.8SPC yet.
  15. Did you get this done? I'm relaly anxious to see what you ended up with. Sounds like it would be nice.
  16. Bumped for chaperjoe. Here's the original thread. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=11009
  17. I have yet to see a box mag over 40 rounds that ran right. I like Com. block box mags w/ raised ribb on back, and Chinese drum w/ key on back.
  18. I don't know any more than what is at the link below. Atlantic Arms is asking for input on producing mags for the S-12, and the .308. http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=80&t=86037
  19. Atlantic Arms is asking for input on producing mags for the S-12, and the S-.308 on another forum. http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=80&t=86037
  20. 1.76#, Thanks Tony! Would be nice if you could post the finished weight after you have that info aswell. I like the way the Preditor rail extends further back over the reciever. I wonder how strong that section of rail over the reciever would be without the support of the rec. like it would have on an A3. I seen pictures of the AK 47 TDI X47 5 rail system. It uses a top rail that extends back about as far as the PG, although its beefed up on the sides a bit. http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=7&f=123&t=316532&page=1 Oh yea, The Halo rail looks tough!
  21. I had the PT 140 Millenium. It didn't have the problems that the .45 had. I liked it . Some members on another board shot up some junk cars. For some reason the .45 cal version one member had did not penetrate more than one door panel. My .40cal would penetrate two panels. Mine would also penetrate the door post, his didn't. That was with different kinds of ammo. We thought it might be the extra velocity with the 165grain bullet that gave the extra penetration. The .40 mags hold 10 rounds. I don't remember how many the .45 holds. The pro looks like it has a nice rubber grip. It might have been
  22. There has been barrel length vs velocity loss testing done for gas operated 308 win. rifle. I don't recall what rifle was used,( maybe SR25), but the results were interesting. It was started with the barrel at 24" and was reduced in one 1" increments. 18" is were it started to become flashy, and shorter than 18" is were it began to experience significant velocity loss. So 18" is what was used. I believe this was for the urban sniper program. As far as the hard chrome lining being messed up when it's cut/recrowned, I've never seen that happen when done correctly. It's different than the c
  23. Pentagon Lights might be a lower price option. You prob find lower price on AR15.com, in the Equipment Exchange section of the forum. http://www.pentagondefense.com/flashlights-pentag.html
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