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  1. Thanks for the family photos. She's beautiful!
  2. What rail system is that on the S-12? What did it take to mount it?
  3. A 12 g shell will fit into a G3 mag. I did ask if there were any plans to offer a modular AR 10 platform, thinking that it might be even more "versital".(were's the spell check) Their answer was "not at this time" Was also told that if they have enough of a demand for a piston driven unit, that they would eventually build a very good one.
  4. Would the modifications to the rifle be any different to add a Galil to M16 mag adapter to a 7.62x39mm than it would be to add one to a 5.56x45mm Saiga? This is of coarse is assuming that the mags are reliable to begin with.
  5. There is an AR that has a modular lower rec with changable magwell that can accept AR, AK, and M14 mags. It can be used with the quick change barrel upper that allows to swap between barrels/callibers rather quickly. I asked the manufacture about the possability of adding 12guage to the list of modular componets, along with some other options that would be nice to have, and was told that 12g was too big to fit into the base system without redesign. If I understand correctly, the challenge has to do with fitting the 12g barrel into the upper rec. On the bright side, I was told that 20 Gauge is
  6. Would be good to see some 20-30 round mags for the .308.
  7. BattleRifleG3, Any idea how much it would take? Currious.
  8. What, no Tromix 12 predator pack?
  9. Of coarse you might want to make sure the gas port is open/clean also.
  10. Are you taking about mounting it to the dust cover?, or further forward. like where the rear leaf site is mounted?
  11. The longer barrel can be shortened later if you wanted to. I'm thinking that 18" barrel would be a good traded off . Still get full powder burn without a lot of velocity loss. There was an old post on this forum by Sheik, were he stated that he had several FAL, that the the Saiga would out group with hand loads.
  12. Unobtanium,LOL Yea, I've seen a lot of that stuff ! It was posted that the plastic mags use a chrome silicon spring. Me likey!!! I posted the question on the Saiga solutions forum, but still no answer on the spring for the steel mag. I suppose it doesn't make any difference what they are made out of if we never have any. I'm still waiting to see what unfolds .
  13. What are the springs made out of in the ten round mags???
  14. I've seen this subject hashed out A LOT to do with AR recievers, and pistol builds. What it comes down to (unless something changed), is the reciever must have been built into a pistol before ever being built into a rifle. If this is the is the case it can be swithed back and forth between pistol/rifle configuration. Having it registared as a pistol rec. is an extra, and probably a wise precaution. If it has been initially been built as a pistol, then you can add a 16" barrel, and stock to use it as a rifle later. There have been a lot of AR pistols built on recievers that were papered as "str
  15. Don't know what the original is, although an uncle mike's sling swivel stud screws in to the hole.
  16. Can't speak for the mount, but EO Tech Rocks!
  17. Damb! I've tinkered with some 3.5" slugs out of a Moss. 835, but I'm not getting any where near what these guys are! I wonder what kind of effective range it would be capable of. Can you send me a link to their posts so I can follow their progress? Thanks for sharing. cs
  18. If for some reason those options don't work, you might see if you can find someone with a plasma lance.
  19. Does look nice. Congradulations man! Does anyone know if Beretta plans to ever offer one in 10mm?
  20. Fiberglass filled, chromesilicone springs. Now you've got my attention. Good call on doing it right the first time around............................
  21. If Tapco stuff is second rate, and people who use there stuff have second rate firearms, then why do so many people who are arfcom fans buy stuff that Tapco sells? , and yes I'm talking about both sides of the forum.
  22. What Ironhead said. The shot is recompressed/choked down on alot of barrels near the muzzle end prior to exitting. This causes shot deformation, then you tend to have more "fliers", pices that fly away from the general group of shot instead of a patteren that is more evenly spread/dispersed. Of coarse the more hardness that is added to the shot, the less shot deformation. The copper, and even nickle plating is not considered to cause extra wear on chromemoly barrels that are not chrome lined. Allthough some manafacters causion that steel, tungsten, bithsmouth can cause some accelarated wear.
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