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  1. I maybe wrong, although I believe that using good aircraft alum, and offering a model with no sights would interest more of the folks with the dough to make the $300.00 investment. Not ment to just be critical. It is good to see people with the resources making the attempt to offer news goodies for the S-12.
  2. I bought some of this stuff at wally world about two years ago, and have not yet tried it. It's called snake skins 2000.Seems to work like the shrink film for windows. Sounds quick and simple. More of a temp camo. I was going to use it on the shot gun with wood furniture for hunting season. http://www.qu.org/main/field_testing/product12.cfm Another item I've bought at the same place, but yet to have used is called "Gunbrella". It's a wrap around design that velcros close. Can open on top to a
  3. Have you cleaned the chamber good, then checked the head space? If that's good, it might be worth while to check timing.
  4. Another possability might be for someone like rick16 making a pin on muzzle adapter threaded for your flash hider.
  5. My choice would be either 6x, or 8x. Probably 8x for hunting.
  6. Does the Saiga 12 likey? Does this solve the first round deformation problem when keeping a full mag locked in on a closed bolt? Do you know if reloading this ammo would be an option??? If I remember correctly, Ned was reloading the .410 stuff at one time.?
  7. Anyone have a source for the steel haul 12 gauge ammo? I've heard rumors that Barnaul is going to start producing this stuff again. ? Anyone?????
  8. The titanium bits that I've used, were titanium coated. As soon as the coating would wear off, then I was just trying to rub the bit through the material, not cut through. I can do a conversion with one craftsman colbalt bit, or about a dozen titanium bits. The center punch, oil, slow speed, and right presure makes a difference on how soon the bit dulls also.
  9. Titanum bits are not realy agressive enough. Do the following, and you will get'r done. Using even a low dollar mini drillpress helps. Other than that use a center punch before drilling, to help the bit get a good bite, and not walk all over the place. Also use a Colbalt bit, for hardened steel. I know that Sears sells them. Also apply cutting oil to the spot that you have center punched, before you start drilling. It only takes a drop, or two. If you use an oil other actual cutting oil, make sure that it does not contain Teflon. Use steady preasure on the bit, enough to mak
  10. If you do send it in for work, that might be a good time to up grade to a hard chrome slide. Here's link to some add info. http://www.gunblast.com/KelTec_P3AT.htm http://www.ktog.org/index.html
  11. I'd prefer using one over the notched selecter lever. IMO, mag changes are a little quicker with the regular BHO.
  12. Looks good buddy! Conversion are awsome aswell! I think I'm jellous. Are the thread adapters made out of steel? I might not be able to live without one. PM sent.
  13. I seen a Spartan o/u 12 gauge at the last show I was at.
  14. Would be nice to be able to store mag loaded in well with spring tension relieved, yet be able to aply tension without removing the mag even if it would be a low cap mag. Maybe like the chinese nlfd with the key on the back to wind the spring. Or maybe some thing like the thermold extended mag at www.deltaforce.com Thermold AR-15, 45 Round Magazines Item # TMS3045 $110.95 $49.95 On Sale! Thermold, supplier of M-16 magazines to the Cadadian military, has a proven track record of perf
  15. Good mags, decent price HELL YES! ditto
  16. Ace makes a replacement site drum that is used with AK site towers to allow the use of AR site posts. Also, have you considered using an AR railed gas block for use with a bull barrel? The inner diameter is a little larger, but you might be able to use shims or something like that.
  17. cscharlie

    Got Drum?

    Some states do not even allow ANY dd's, or full auto's for ANY individual. Is limited even with the LEO agencies in my home state.
  18. Michael, will the mount start onto the rail at all and just not slide on all the way? If this is the case , the latch/lever may need to be adjusted. If it will not even start onto the rail on the side of the reciever, then it might be made for a different AK. Let us know, and we'll try to help you figure it out.
  19. Remember to use a drill bit that is made for harden steel, like a colbalt bit. Otherwise, it will take a load of bits, and alot more time to do the converson.
  20. I know someone who strapped a M16 30 round GI mag pouch to the stock. Says it works well with top end in first.
  21. I like the AK style tower, poss. with a bottom rail. Made out of forged steel if possible. Would be nice, to have as a second option, a flip-up front site to use with low mounted optics. Maybe simular to what an AR varmit rifle with bull barrel would use.
  22. Verson, now that the ban has died, there are a bunch of them being built. Email me if you want more info.
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