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  1. While working at the Farm implement parts department, I use to send them looking for the mufler bearings for a chevy tractor or a johnson rod... While working at the Farm implement parts department, I use to send them looking for the mufler bearings for a chevy tractor or a johnson rod...
  2. Happy Birthday young man! Thank you for all that you've contributed to the forum, and the gun world in general!
  3. Why not. Nails and spears killed Jesus. No man took Jesus life, He layed it down.
  4. I can't believe no one warned him about getting that shot in the left nut with a square needle.
  5. Hi Jimmy!, The wolf military classic ammo uses a steel jacketed hollow point that normally tears after impact causing an increase in terminal effects. If you used a different Russian, steel jacketed hollow point, then it prob acted like a FMJ. The right russian hollowpoint can work well. With that in mind, I personally like the Winchester 123grain softpoint. They produce the kind of results that work good on four legged, and two legged animals both. They are not cheap, but it shouldn't take many to take a deer. Another thing I wonder about is after making a good kill shot
  6. Hey Mike! Got your message. I'm not online much as of late. The gas system is rather forgiving. Normally allows shortening the barrel on the 7.62x39mm about two inches without changing the port size. Going shorter is when you usually start to see the need to enlarge the port size. I'm a little rusty, so I don't remember what the port is on factory 16" barrels. As far as actually cutting/recrowning the barrel goes, I'd use a carbonfiber cuttoff wheel on a hand held grinder or a chop saw. Then I'd use a file to return the muzzle to being close to 90degree. Then I would either rent t
  7. Thanks for the reply! I just sent you a message RE: price...
  8. Come on now, someone out there has atleast one lonely AK sight drum that is in good shape..
  9. I'm looking for an auctual AK sized sight drum that the front sight post screws into. The Saiga drum is too big.
  10. I use brake fluid when PB Blaster doesn't do it. I apply it at the point of contact with an eye dropper and let it set.
  11. For those of us on dial up, what is the video of?, and what is OTM?
  12. Look at the heat shield, its got venting too. How much sense does that make. [/ Venting and heat shield help, but have limitations also. I've seen their overmolded forend on a m16 that you could slide the rubber sleeve off the tube underneath after getting it nice and toasty. The rubber lost it's ability to remain adhear
  13. Good luck! I don't know what model would be correct. I recommend holding out for a straight answer from who ever you order it from on wheather or not it will fit before spending your money. It was like pulling teeth to get an answer on which model was correct for a 7.62x39mm Saiga I was going to use one on. I bought one and asked how I could tell which one I had recieved cause it looked like it would be deformed if I tightened it down enough to keep it from moving on the gas block. The answer I finally got was something like, they are close enough in size that it shouldn't make a diff
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