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  1. Here's my baby. It stays loaded with a 5 round. But I have fun with my 20 & 10 round mags.
  2. I'm loading it with the bolt closed. Like I do all my other magazines. Is it suppose to be open? OH YEA!! King is right, on the right side of the trigger you should see a small metal tab, thats the bolt hold open tab. Pull that muther back hold down the tab and while holding the tab let the bolt slide forward. There are peeps on here that mod their bolts so that they can be loaded closed. I don't have a tab on either side of my gun. What am I to do? Thanks
  3. I'm loading it with the bolt closed. Like I do all my other magazines. Is it suppose to be open?
  4. Did you do a fitting?? Many drums require a bit of filing to get it to fit properly. Check youtube search MD arms, he has a video on how to fit it. Just be VVVEERRY careful not to take off to much material. Yes, it fits just fine when not loaded. I already filed in the areas needed. Could it be S12? Maybe not enough oil inside? IDK. I can pop the drum on not loaded. But loaded, even just a few rounds, doesn't want to go.
  5. Maybe someone can answer this: I can load my drum perfectly fine when it's not loaded. But once I put shells into it (yes, the proper shells), I can't get it to lock into my S12. I've only been able to do it once and I pumped the loads out and on the 3rd shell, it kind of stuck for a split second and then the entire drum fell off. I tried to lock it back on to no avail. I emptied the drum and it locked in just fine. I do have the dummy round in it. Any ideas as to what is happening? Is there a way to make it easier to lock into my gun when loaded? Thanks for any help
  6. I read the instructions several times and then watched the video. While watching the video, I filed down the point "A", tried fitting, didn't work. Continued with the video and continued filing. Still wouldn't fit. I then decided to get my other magazines and compare them to the drum fit. Although the instructions were perfect, there was an obvious difference between my drum and other mags. The back end needed major filing down. I did my best to file it down to make the back end look like my other mags. Voila! The drum slipped right in. I had to file down point "A" a lot more than th
  7. Can I third it? New to the forum here and I just purchased my s-12 today! I'm so excited. I've read the manual and I'm getting my first chance to fire it next Sat. 22nd. I want to keep it clean but I'm skeptical about taking it apart to clean it for fear I won't get it back together again
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