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  1. They have a tendency to evoke the visual trope of characters looking at something out of shot?
  2. There was one of those on the used rack at a local shop. I considered it but decided to get a Savage Axis, you know, on the off chance that I "needed" a .308 bolt gun for something in the future. The price was right, and it appealed to my desire to tinker. I've shimmed up the trigger, stiffened up the stock, and cooked up an oversize bolt knob all with stuff I already had at hand. Check that, I had to buy a new trigger spring for less than a dollar.
  3. Odds are, what, 1 in 175 million? Once you've gotten your 175 millionth ticket, you'll be statistically due! If you play one ticket every week for twenty years, you'll be one six millionth of the way there. There's a way to calculate the expected payout of a single ticket. Basically, multiply your chances of winning (1.75x10-8) by the expected jackpot and subtract the product of your chances of losing (1-1.75x10-8) by the money you paid ($2). For each ticket you play on a $100 million jackpot, the expected value of your ticket is a loss of 25 cents. In order for the ticket to have an
  4. If someone had told me five years ago that ARs would be priced the way they are now, I'd have been highly dubious. If someone had told me that in early 2013, I might have laughed in his or her face. AK kits I could see getting more expensive as surplus stuff tends to do that as it dries up, but I did not foresee the flood of AR stuff hitting the market, especially not the proliferation of 80% receivers. What a time to be alive. I saw those drilling jigs for 80% lowers that are meant for people without mills. They looked kind of cheesy, but not totally beyond my cheese-tolerance.
  5. If there's no way of getting a formal hearing, you may have to get an attorney to file for an injunction if it can't just be re-applied for. I don't know Florida's laws. I got my CPL renewed while I was on vacation and had grown a beard. Unfortunately, my workplace hadn't reversed its no-beard policy, so I had to shave it off. Now my CPL has bearded me on it.
  6. Seems like a 308 Winchester-based cartridge would be tight fit in an AR-15 bolt. I guess it'd only be slightly larger than a 7.62x39mm bolt face.
  7. How the heck was this an "Oopsie!" moment? The pilot obviously knew what he was doing, unless this is a convoluted scheme to get the US to buy Mexican Army new GPS units. If this wasn't an act of war precipitated by a joke in the Mexican government that went a little too far, I'd think the pilots need to be extradited to face attempted murder charges, unless the pension system there is so broke a retirement at Club Fed sounds like a reasonable alternative. Unfortunately, I doubt the Mexican army has enough control over itself to even know who was flying the chopper in question.
  8. Time will tell if they stick to their apolitical stance, but there is a hint of legislative goals ("smarter acquisition") in the faqs. Still, their approach has some merit to it. The problem of gun violence is more central to the debate over gun control that we might care to admit. Were media-friendly carnage not so readily available for broadcast, the only proponents of gun control would be viewed as doomsday prophets or pro-police statists. Think of pressure cookers before the Boston Marathon bombing. If a talking head had clamored for the banning of pressure cooker sales without that i
  9. He's just ahead of the curve in case there's a panic on dildos and dildo accessories.
  10. Flag Day is pretty low-key around here. Sounds like yours was a blast!
  11. Stormwerkz makes a very Ace-like hinge. The only major difference is that Stormwerkz's locks in both positions, whereas the Ace hinge can just be pushed into the extended position.
  12. Nope. I don't believe it. If anything, this is just going to encourage resellers to buy more and increase their profit margins.
  13. I thought "SB" might have stood for "Sellier & Bellot", but it's actually "Santa Barbara" ammo for Fusil de Asalto CETME. According to this, there was a 7.9mm CETME, but that was sort of superceded by what would become 7.62 NATO. So, my guess is that it is 7.62x51mm.
  14. For a second I thought it was the same as the Savage 10T that Cabela's sells, but I see this one has a fluted barrel and brake. I don't see the model on Savage's website. Is it possible that it's a vendor-specific model?
  15. I found myself reading the first post in Randall's voice. Looks pretty badass.
  16. Kinetic energy actually is mass times velocity squared (ek=mv2), so while a loss of mass will have a negative effect on the projectile's energy proportional to its magnitude, an increase in velocity will have a positive effect proportional to its magnitude squared. Your equation is for momentum (p=mv, where "p" is momentum), which is more likely to play a part in determining the bullet's maximum range. Bullet designs have been advancing for hundreds of years. Not every step has been a step forward, but thanks to the proliferation of precision manufacturing technologies, more innovati
  17. DrThunder88


    I've got a Harris-wannabe 6-9".
  18. "Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring--not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive..." -Carl Sagan
  19. Very nice! I'm not a milsurp purist, but those shoddy conversions that seem to show up more often than not make me cringe. Your dad's rifle looks to have been done by a pro, however! I really like the look of it. It just exudes a classic vibe. Given that it was converted so long ago, is it bedded and floated? I don't know how recent a phenomenon those procedures are. I know what you mean about the long-range bug. Sadly, very few places around here have longer than 100 yard ranges, fewer still longer than 200. I did get a chance to ring some steel at 300 yards at a recent get-togeth
  20. It's like Subway but with burritos. Interestingly, McDonald's used to be the majority stakeholder in the chain.
  21. How long ago was that? I was just going through my old emails and found some 2010 flyers from AIM that listed PMC Bronze .223 55gr at $6.79/20, which I just noticed is only 20 cents cheaper than they're selling it for now. Though, from what I'm seeing, 7.62x39 could still the most overpriced, adjusting for inflation. Golden Tiger was $3.99/20 around then too, which translates to $216.20/1000 in today's money—noticeable, but not too far from $234.95 at SG Ammo. On the other hand, I have an invoice from that period that shows a box price for Wolf HPs of $4.30, which is about $4.66 in 2014 mo
  22. Normal? The world's most ubiquitous round is still America's Most Wanted around here! I'm glad that 7.62x39 is back to inflation-adjusted normalcy. Still, I worry the omnipresent vacancies on store shelves is becoming the new normal.
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