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  1. krom32117


    I know whatcha mean, from the first time I saw one I knew I had to have 1, ok 2
  2. krom32117


    Welcome aboard snake, and congratulations on the new addition to your family.
  3. Hi acca47, welcome to the saiga board. Your name seems familiar, are you a member of any other boards, if so do you use that name or another.
  4. My first vote goes to the 30.06 cause of the previous mentioned reasons. The second vote would be for the .308. It's an all around good round and plenty of surplus to go around.
  5. Positive Feedback and a thank you to TOMAC sold him some mags and he was johnny on the spot with the funds.
  6. I wonder what they did with the packs they intercepted.
  7. Thank you johnnymceldoo. Your flash hiders are badass and draw lots of looks and comments. I bought 2 of johnny's flash hiders and used his die to thread my barrells. I was skiddish about doing this at first but johhny not only supplied me with a good product. He also walked me through the process, thanks again.
  8. Thank You Marko!! (Finnsaiga) For being so expediant when I ordered my mags. It was 14 days including weekends. TO those waiting, no worries, as soon as Marko get more instock I'm sure he will take care of you.
  9. "used authentic Saiga Receiver made in Russia. This receiver doesn't have a trunion nor a serial number" I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Buying a receiver without a serial number will get you put under the jail.
  10. Let me give a HUGE THANK YOU to MAKE, he helped myself and other Saiga.com Bros out by leading us to Finnsaiga, who got us S12 8 rounders at way below ebay prices. Also Make personally shipped me a S12 8 rounder in a trade for somthing he could have easily found in Finland, and wouldn't give me his address until the mag was in my hands. Thanks again MAKE!!!!!!!
  11. did you cut the barrell down, if so how far
  12. krom32117


    How about Eskimos
  13. The link was to be helpful for you. If you look below the sidewinder picture you will see his email address.... Sam B. is Fireflyarms
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