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  1. I'm no lawyer, but his site looks legit at first, but when you dig further, all the cases he refers to seem to have an axe to grind... and don't seem to have any bearing on reality... anything that infowars will get behind is suspect at best
  2. Thanks MD, always enjoy watching these- this time I'll participate 4777 I'll buy one if I don't win, will that ruin my chances? (from everything I know of MD's character, it won't... just trying to be funny) search for "777" didn't work, found dup manually
  3. it depends on the round you're using, and the purpose of the rifle- I agree with putting a folding stock on it, then your overall length would be similar to an M4 (since they can't have a folding stock, only collaspable).. the standard 55gr FMJ round doesn't tumble/fragment well (which is what makes it more lethal) when below 2700fps. With an M4 (14.5" barrel), this happens at around 60 yards! 20" is where the diminishing returns start- each inch beyond 20 only adds about 40-45fps, until about 26", then it really drops off (unless you're using slow powder on reloads) If you're using heavier rounds, or hollow/soft points, then this becomes much less an issue.. which is why M4s typically have barrels with 1-in-7 twist (to stabilize heavier bullets)
  4. I saw the youtube videos on how to do this.. and the use of silicone just made me shake my head- no wonder they were not accurate! the slug won't come free from the wad cleanly I'd trim the wad a bit, and use a roll crimp tool... or a mold that doesn't require the wad, and trim the wings off it entirely.. just thinkin' out loud..
  5. Mike, Don't let this guy get you down- you can't please everybody- I am in on the pre-order, much the same situation he described, and I think your email was professional, I saw it as an effort to communicate what's going on, and greatly appreciated it... I think offering all these drums on gunbroker as a chance to get one earlier is really reaching out to provide solutions to the delay... with a pre-order, there could always be delays... I deal with production delays on networking equipment at work all the time- I'm also in on a pre-order for a DRO (for a mill) that has been delayed because they cleared out the distributor of a particular part..it happens.. even without the economy, nobody wants to stock materials, because the price could drop on the raw materials, and now you have to eat that higher cost.. Thanks for offering the pre-order against your previous experience, some of us really do appreciate it!
  6. Who are these made by? internal diameter? There were some copies on the market that were too small, and went boom... if these are made in USA, and measure .729" or greater ID, I'll take 'em...
  7. It is widely considered to be very hard. If the rounds acted like they do in a rifle mag, it would be easy. But you need some kind of mechanism to organize the rims as they go into the single stack. I've thought about this- but haven't tried to prototype anything yet... a big issue is that the Saiga-12 is only wide enough for a single column at the receiver- so you have to get the shells to converge, much like a pistol mag.. most rifle mags really don't do this- each round winds up on one side or the other at the top of the mag.. conceptually, I think if you keep the shells tilted (front high), then the rim should naturally work out- it's a matter of the angle.. but if you have them angled properly, then the bottom lip of the higher shells would always be ahead of the shells below it.. the other issue to deal with is variable length... and other dimensions... you may be able to get a design that works for Remington 2 3/4" shells, but 3" shells won't work, or Federal shells won't work- there's a lot less uniformity of dimensions & shapes in shotgun shells than in rifle rounds... best of luck..
  8. Lunyfringe

    Here's mine..

    could it just be ABS or PVC pipe with slots cut in it? looks very round, so that was my first thought...
  9. I'm about 2 hours from Denver (Penrose)- and have to order my parts still... but let me know if you don't find anyone closer.. the advantage to where I'm at is testing right after finishing the work, since I'm out in the country Have you converted one before? no, I'm in the same category as yourself- except I have my unconverted Saiga-12 in hand...
  10. I'm about 2 hours from Denver (Penrose)- and have to order my parts still... but let me know if you don't find anyone closer.. the advantage to where I'm at is testing right after finishing the work, since I'm out in the country
  11. ajaxgrips.com will take an order- but I emailed them, and they're NOT in stock... will be about 2 weeks before they get the next shipment That being said, Ajaxgrips has the best price I've seen that can be ordered... there a a few other sites listing them around $25, but they list as backordered, and are not accepting orders... I love to see $30 become the new standard price for 10-round Saiga-12 mags, I have a hard time paying $50 for 'em.. no offense to those buying/selling at that price- I believe in a free market- I just won't pay that much, which is my freedom to NOT buy.. but I seriously doubt it, since Promag's website lists them at $49.60...
  12. I wouldn't say I'm worried- but the Saiga-12 is actually my first AK-based weapon... since I saw them on the web, I was fascinated by the idea- take the most reliable, rugged, tough, albeit less that ideally accurate platform & make it into a semi-auto shotgun, a group of firearms that has been plauged with reliability problems- the semi-auto shotgun.... I think it's an awesome shotgun- wish I'd found out about them a long time ago (especially when I see what the old prices were) now that I know what to look for, I'm not worried at all- I should be able to see if it's hammering the rear trunnion and do something about it... Thanks...
  13. it's gone- just got email back from the seller..
  14. I took a closer look, and it's not as bad as I remember- it turns 1/3 turn past 1, before it bottoms out (on the outside edge of the gas plug, like it should), then rotates back to 1... looking at the rear trunnion, the finish is worn off, but there is no damage to the metal... so I feel better- will keep an eye on it. remember- just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you...
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