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    Thanks, guys. Appreciate your input. While I've been an SKS/AK owner for years, I'm a shotgun newbie. My new Saiga 12 ga. is my first shotgun. I really like it. Took it to the range last weekend and had a blast with it.
  2. Congrats! Just picked up the same model myself. Can't wait to get it out & shoot it. Just bought a case of S&B 00 buck. What are you planning on feeding yours?
  3. Goodman, You've lived up tp your name. Thanks for info. FWIW, I added a Pachmyr slip on buttpad to help tame recoil & it seems to work fine. Next step is to get a buffer.
  4. So the wheel raises or lowers point of impact? Turn right & raises POI? Left to lower?
  5. sks fan


    I've still got my newbie face on with this question and I really appreciate any input. Currently, I've got 00 shot. Good choice? Any better suggestions?
  6. Just got my 12 ga. Read the manual and it doesn't address how to ajust the sights. Anyone got a clue? Anything I should do before I take it on its first outing? TIA
  7. I like it! Can't wait to shoot it. Everything looks OK. However, I bought a second mag and will have to send it back to CDNN. It won't lock in like the mag that came with the shotgun. One snaps in and the other won't. You may think it is seated but if you tug on it, it comes out of the mag well. I'm going to get a slip-on buttpad extension from Wally world for it and put a buffer in it. Where do I get a buffer for this puppy? Also, it came with the 0.0 cylinder choke. Is this the equivalent to a full choke? (Sorry if this is a stupid ?) I read owner's manual but don't see offhand how to use adjustable sights. Any hints on how to use them? I really like the feel of the shotgun. Can't wait to shoot it. If this one works out, I plan to get the 22" model that comes with three chokes when CDNN gets them in stock again. They had them on sale for $229.
  8. I've had a Saiga hunter with a 22" barrel for about two years now and count it as one of my most accurate rifles and for the $$$ was absolutely one of my best buys. Recently I added a 16" barrel version only to find that it is every bit as accurate. This past weekend I got a 16" barrel conversion with pistol grip and dang if it isn't extremely accurate as well. The Saigas have to be one of the best bangs for the buck out there, IMHO. I can't beleive people are paying twice as much for a VEPR and thinking that they are getting a good deal. I've shot my Saigas against VEPRs and they aren't any more accurate from what I've seen.
  9. WOW, I really like the looks of the conversion in the pic above. I am interested in the muzzlebrake adapters for the Saiga 12ga. when they come in. What is cost of the one at far right at the top of the pic that looks like a flash hider? Would love to get a second 12ga. and do the AK style conversion shown in the pic above.
  10. Makc, Where can I get a muzzle device like the one you posted? What is cost? Is it a brake or a choke? Looks great. I bought the kind that you said I should. I emailed you for your advice and I took it. I really appreciated your input. Can't wait to get it and try it out. I plan to get the buffer and buttpad noted in the "cut your recoil in half" thread too. I'm somewhat familiar with the AK action as I own five AKs. I also own three Saiga .308 rifles. It will be interesting to see how similar or different the shotgun action is. I've heard great things about the Saiga shotguns. They seem to be a great value, especially in a semi-auto.
  11. Hi, I'm a Saiga newbie and just ordered my first 12ga. today from CDNN. Ordered extra mag too. (May have to get more spare mags down the line.) I got a 19" model with threaded barrel. Can I put a brake on this puppy or is the threading for various choke options? Also, can I put a folding stock and/or pistol grip on this shotgun legally? If so, where can I get one? Told I was a newbie! TIA
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie Saiga owner. So far I've got a 22" barrel hunter, 16" barrel hunter and a Saiga/AK conversion that I bought from SOG. Love these rifles. Great bang for the buck! Thinking about converting the 16" hunter to a pistol grip AK sytle rifle. Sounds like you've done one already. Got pics and "how to" steps on your conversion that you'd care to share? Also, where can I get a muzzlebrake for the Saiga? I've got a 74 style brake on the SOG rifle. Would like to get another one like it.
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