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  1. I have the same sights, wouldnt mind knowing also
  2. Thats the one that was in the AT-12 add. the ad didnt show the stock and after seeing it, Id be less inclined to buy it unless I could have a few stock options. If S-12s are indeed getting cheaper, Id prob add another of those instead.
  3. I searched and didnt find it listed here, but apparently there is a new semi-auto clip fed 12 gauge coming. New shotgun news page 97 is an ad from American tactical solutions touting their new AT-12. Its an AR-15 12 gauge. detachable carry handle, 20" barrel, comes in black or what looks like mossy cammo. Shoots 2.75 or 3" shells. For $699.95 it comes with 2 5 round mags (one for each length shell) The website My link doesnt have it listed yet but nice to see someone noticed those of us who like this stuff. It wont replace my saiga-12 (nothing will) but it might take up a spot next to it in my safe.
  4. Im guessing that since I have the ghost ring rear sight the chaos extended top rail is out for me. using the standard top rail would prob put the red dot in front of the ghost ring and it would be in the way. I dont mind not using the irons if I have the red dot but didnt want them to interfere with each other and I dont want to remove the Ghost ring, which is why I thought maybe that side mount would be ok. Im a left handed shooter too so appreciate Duke asking about the left handedness of the side mount. sigh
  5. Great pic. exactly what I needed to see. does yours have the $29 optional riser on that as well or just the sight and the ak sidemount?
  6. Looked at the primary arms gen2 microdot. Gen 3 aint bad either. Nice for the price. Question for those that have them, any idea if their AK side plate mount fits the S12? AND, would that allow me to use either the red dot or the iron sights (Krebs front and ghost ring rear) if the red dot failed. Or would the red dot just interfere no matter what. I dont have my s12 here so I cant really look at it to determine. I like the Krebs sights, cant miss at 50 yards but having a red dot would help a good bit more if I have the option without having to remove the rear ghost ring.
  7. Shooting remington sluggers from wally world at 50 yards, mine seems to shoot where I point it. Maybe more Minutes of torso than "MOA" but its a shotgun at 50 yds
  8. I will definitely buy a few rock n lock steel mags and the mini drum when it comes out. it will match all the other chaos stuff I already have on the gun. LOVE IT!!!
  9. why2kmax


    AMMOENGINE.com is a good one too
  10. Well God bless you both. Cant wait to see how this turns out
  11. 1403, 211 Decided to donate so there are my other 2 wtf I really want one. and I owe this site a lot
  12. By work with the Chaos rail you already have, does that mean I can buy the top half to go with the Tri-rail I already own?
  13. I have a CHAOS tri rail with their vertical grip. Solid as a rock, no flex. I could swing the gun around by that grip and it wouldnt move.
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