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    Front Post Krebs Ghost Ring Sight

    Thanks, MM, I missed that thread last summer. I guess when you get down to crosshairs, people's eyes can work differently. Personally, I find them useful when shooting targets at the range, like Gas Giant in the other thread, and I just don't notice them much in the field. But I guess some people (probably the ones with better eyes than mine) find them obstructive.
  2. boxorain

    Front Post Krebs Ghost Ring Sight

    +1 for KNS crosshair, though I'm not sure that's what the OP is looking for. Just about everyone who uses mine asks about it.
  3. boxorain

    Vertical grips Pros and Cons with each brand

    I have an all-aluminum vertical grip with a short integrated rail designed specifically for light attachment. I don't know who manufactures it, but it's marketed by Streamlight as their model # 69114. I find it has a good gripping surface, and it's narrower at the top to allow more vertical control. The rail positions the light (in my case, a TLR-2) in a good spot for convenient left-thumb control.
  4. boxorain

    Cleaning gas ports

    A dental pic and a proxy brush is all I ever use.
  5. boxorain

    Weapon Light

    I use a Streamlight TLR-2 with this foregrip. The rail on the foregrip puts the back of the TLR-2 in a convenient spot for thumb control.
  6. boxorain

    WHhat happened to K-VAR?

    Last weeek I received a small order from K-Var that I had placed the week before, and today I got an email flyer from them announcing 3 newly stocked products (including a newly designed side mounted top rail). It didn't seem as if they were saying goodbye, but of course I've been surprised that way before . . .
  7. boxorain

    FTE.......irritating as all heck help

    This reduced power recoil spring from CSS might help.
  8. boxorain

    Wood Stock

    This is a good place to start (scroll down). Here is another place. Depending on whether you convert your S12 back to its intended configutration (which involves moving the trigger forward), you may need to modify the stock -- a standard AK stock has to be modified to fit an unconverted Saiga, but if you do the conversion a standard AK stock should fit.
  9. boxorain

    Adjustable FCG in a stock saiga-12

    I have an unconverted S12 and I'm interested in improving the FCG, but I'm not enough of a smith to see what you've done here just by looking at the photo. If you'd care to go into more detail, I'm all ears.
  10. boxorain

    Reduced Power Mainsprings

    +1 Got mine to the range today, and the pull was much lighter and seemed more consistent too. For those of us who haven't done a conversion, this seems to be about the only part upgrade available, and it's a very good one.
  11. boxorain

    Best Gear For Cleaning Your S12?

    I got one of those kits from CSS here. The storage tube is a little bigger than it needs to be, and you might need a right angle drill attachment if you have a raised front sight like I do, but it's a good brush and the double-ended pick is perfect for the gas ports.
  12. Sweet! I just have two questions. (1) I think I recall that there was some question about whether these would really accept 3 rounds (thus creating legal issues), and the problem was supposed to be solved by modifying a part. Have you checked to see whether these mags hold only 2? (2) Are you still expecting to carry Surefire 5s in the near future -- I need a couple of each. Really, the question is: do expect the 2s to vanish before the 5s come in? Thanks for making these available!
  13. boxorain

    Saiga Mod/Attachments Questions

    I have a Mako foregrip that's nice and solid and has enough storage to hold the S12 toolkit. It comes as a standard foregrip or with integrated side rail.
  14. If you hate ambiguity, you might have the wrong shotgun. (The answer is A)
  15. boxorain

    SAIGA 12!!!

    +1 I live in a similarly unenlightened jurisdiction, but I wouldn't trade. Plus that's a good deal in the present circumstances, and you will very likely still be able to get one of those other toys after the current Congress ends if you want to. I do feel badly about insulting the integrity of Kalashnikov's design, but that feeling usually passes after a few rounds.