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  1. I'm thinking of ordering a few csspec mags, do they operate the LRBHO on the vepr-12?
  2. I have a spare normal factory mag release I'll trade you for. I have a spare normal factory mag release I'll trade you for.
  3. So what's with the $300 price drop? Price to match the actual demand or are they importing something a little different from current stock?
  4. setlab

    3" shells?

    Was wondering, can I shoot 3" shells in my v12?
  5. Has anyone taken off their folder yet? I bought an AR stock adapter and want to take the factory one off. So far I've cut the tack weld off but what direction do I press out these staked pins? And how solid are the pins in there, will it take a lot of force to get them out? Would a brass punch be enough or should I find a press to push the pins out?
  6. Yep, had to use an impact driver to remove mine most of the way. Ended up stripping the screw head so I counter drilled the nut to finally get that fucker off there. Now I need a new grip nut and screw
  7. What's the purpose of this little "J" looking part in the factory Vepr 12 FCG? Looks like it serves no purpose other than to be a spacer.
  8. What kind of optic does he have mounted? I know it sounds unneeded but what I'd like to do is mount a full sized aimpoint and a magnifier behind it.
  9. I placed an order this weekend when they were $158 will you change that when you charge the cards?
  10. On the newer vepr's that are coming into the country, can you mount optics in the forward position on the top rail yet? Or does that still cause malfunctions with the gun?
  11. The big question is how much will it cost?
  12. I know this is a REALLY old topic, but since it's back up to the top and we can get Veprs now.... Does anyone know if we can get this M4 stock adapter in the US?
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