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  1. I can't edit my original post??? WTF? Price is $600 SHIPPED. No trades at this time. Comes with SIX surefire mags. Conversion was done right and the gun runs like a champ. Also having trouble posting pics so here's a vid. Contact me at CTskins@cox.net http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDb3cYSweP4
  2. Hey sorry for the late response. Haven't been back here for a few... YES the Saiga is still up. On Glocktalk also... Current price is $600 shipped! That is a deal if you knew the cash I had into it. I also have plenty of ammo for sale. Wolf .223 FMJ. Please contact me at CTskins@cox.net The revolvers are long gone. Let me know. THANKS!
  3. Samuel Adams Octoberfest in my mug. Life is gooooood.

    1. Bean.223


      And is life still good Saturday morning mate???


      ;P LOL

  4. First I was trying to embed the image using image shack. It worked on one but not the others. Can't figure out why... I'm sure I'll get it later when I have more time to fool with it.
  5. Saiga .223 converted. Tapco G2 trigger, retainer plate, Russian wood, This conversion was done right and the gun is rock solid reliable. 922r compliant with Surefire 30 round mags. Comes with SIX 30 round surefire mags. $650 SHIPPED. Smith and Wesson 686-4 NO LOCK. Four inch barrel, six shot. I would consider this gun mint condition. Never holstered. No scratches. I have the original box and paperwork. $500 SHIPPED NAA Mini .22LR 1 5/8 inch barrel. LNIB. Fired maybe 50 rounds. Box and paperwork included along with a pocket holster. $140 SHIPPED EDIT: STILL can't post the rest of these pics. Maybe I'll just shoot a quick vid...
  6. CTfam

    Stock Length

    WHen I first put on my Warsaw stock I hated it... I shot with it several times and it has grown on me. NOT in length, I mean I'm used to it. I am 6'4 and it works for me. CQB rifle for sure.
  7. Very nice. I like that PG too!
  8. Mullet man.... Talk to me about your avatar brotha. Me likey.
  9. I'd rather not start a new thread so I'll try to get this answered here. Do you guys run slings on these bolt on LHG retainers? Do they ever want to pop off if you drop your rifle to transition to pistol? I want to make sure I get the most secure option available. If that's the stock set up then so be it. Thanks.
  10. When did you check? I got mine from Atlantic ~2 weeks ago. Also got free shipping for being a forum member. I emailed them on the 28th and they were out. Actually I was just going to order from peachstate today but something came up. It's cheaper over there by a few bucks... They're a member here right? Any discounts or free shipping? I can't stand it anymore... I want to shoot some cheap surplus ammo!
  11. Ahh yes I thought I saw that gun over on Glocktalk. Lookin good! Last time I checked Atlantic was out of Saiga 5.45s. I need to track one down asap.
  12. I used the flat black BBQ paint as well. Works fine. I only painted the spot under the receiver. Are you guys painting the whole rifle?
  13. Hey thanks guys. The stock handgaurd works but it doesn't look very authentic AK. I would like to go get some plum or wood furniture but the handgaurd + gas tube + LHG retainer... Damn it adds up quick.
  14. CTfam

    Mag question

    Can someone tell me WHY you don't need a bullet guide for the CSS mags? What's the difference between them and the ones at AIM? I'm going to be building a 5.45 and I'm wondering what type of mags to stock up on.
  15. Anyone else have issues with the Dinzag bolt on LHG retainers? I was about to order one... Would it stay put if you lock tight the screw?
  16. Mine is a few years old and has no dimples. I think they are adding them to all of the new ones. People seem to prefer them and given the choice I would want them. That said, I use surefire mags and they lock up rock solid. Never any problems. I think the dimples are cosmetic.
  17. Yeah I cut mine down a bit and kept it in for conversion. Now I realize that I've never once used it. My next build it will most likely be tossed. If you get a Krebs safety it has a notch cut into it to hold the bolt back. (If range rules are your only concern.) Congrats on the rifle!
  18. I don't have any rails on my AK yet... But I will say based on my research I think the UTG rail is a bit bulky for my needs. The AK already feels a bit front heavy as is. What are you trying to do? Mount a light or a red dot? Both? I would go with the Surefire Tri Rail myself. Slim, light weight and priced right. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/surefire-saiga-rifle-trirail-forearm-generation-2-p-398.html If you need a top rail for an optic check out the Ultimak gas tube. You can co-witness your irons with different red dots mounted on this rail. Ultimak also has a tri rail you can add as well but the price tag on those make me cringe. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/ak47-ultimak-gas-tube-optic-mount-m1b-p-214.html Good luck.
  19. I don't even want to tell you what I paid for my S-12. At the height of the panic... Oh well, have fun with that project.
  20. VERY NICE! My next build is going to be a Plum 5.45. That looks great!
  21. Lookin good. Funny you say that about the K-Var plum. I was just looking into that myself! It sure is a nice look on these AKs. I would like to build a second .223 with either K-var plum or some nice wood. (Ironwood?) Maybe one of each!
  22. I buy Wolf military classic by the case. Just FMJs for now. I have heard people say it is trash and underpowered but the prices on that TAP is just crazy. Does HP rifle ammo make that much of a difference? I can pick up the same Wolf ammo with hollow points for about the same price. Is overpenetration the concern with FMJs? I don't use my rifles for home defense so over penetration is not an issue. If it's a SHTF situation I wouldn't worry about it either. Just wondering what's wrong with FMJs for self defense.
  23. Sold pending funds. Looking to sell my converted Saiga-12. I did the conversion myself and did it right. The gun has about 150 rounds through it. On the shotgun is a Dragunov style stock, Tromix modified Tapco fire control group, D-I-Y Trigger guard. The bolt hold open still works. All 922r compliant. Included is three 12 round mags, one 5 round mag. Looking to get $660 shipped, my FFL to yours. I'm having problems posting a pic... Here's a quick video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpxyw9oXpHs
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