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  1. x2 on that. It kills me how people on public forums act like they have been given the authority to regulate free speech. Im glad this was posted because im waiting on CSSpecs 10 rounders. Will this affect my decision to buy? YES, im more confident now seeing how they responded. Nice job CSSpecs lets see them 10 rounder soon!
  2. So it might be a reality soon. Thats awesome and i will definitely be buying several when you release them thanks!
  3. I havent seen this brought up so i wanted to ask. Ive read great reviews on these although the price seems kind of high. Any plans for a 10 round Saiga 12 mag or vepr mag?
  4. Keep it. The Russian imports are done. With Executive Orders there are no loopholes this time around. Wait til the residual inventory runs out you will see these only go up
  5. Brand new Tromix stock broke in half after 20 rounds during my first 3 gun match with 2-3/4 bird shot. Everyone at my gun club was horrified. I sprained my wrist so bad when this happened I was done for the day. I was told Tromix stocks are metal reinforced. What the heck??? Cheap plastic What do I replace this with? Ace, DPH? I want a stock that can handle a 3 gun match. What a waste of $75
  6. Hi I am new to the Saiga 12 and bought my first one on Gunbroker several weeks ago. Its a Tromix conversion with the Galil charging handle. My question is I want to buy a factory Saiga 12 bolt carrier with the standard charging handle because the Galil one is getting in the way when using a red dot that I mounted. I searched all over the web and can not find anyone that sells factory Saiga 12 parts. Could someone please steer me in the right direction? Is the bolt carrier the same for a 7.62x39 AK47?? Thank you!!
  7. Just dial *67 and then the number and you will block caller ID. Call made
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