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    Mag Pouch

    Not sure if this has been brought up. The old GI issue M-16 pouches. If you remove the 2 inner dividers will hold 2 factory 5 round S-12 mags See photos
  2. Winchester 2.75 1600fps rifled slugs work in MD20, factory 5 and AGP 10 Brenneke 1 oz rifled slug KO, 2.75 works in the above mags winchester 3 inch #4 steel shot super X works in all but MD 20 Federal 3 in OO buck shot mag works in all but MD 20 Remington and Federal 7 1/2 shot bulk packs 2.75 works in all mags above Remington # 8 shot 2.75 worked in all (I think this was also bulk pack) Green hull, olin, winchester military grade OO buck 2.75, works in all mags not sure if you have all or any of those, but they are all member verified
  3. Anyone have these in stock? I'm looking to get 3
  4. See that's what I was asking for back in November when I first got my S-12. How much?
  5. I bet the bull pup variation would work better with the drum. I just got the MD 20 and you have to reach around it, i.e. forearm in an odd position to hold the weapon for shoulder fire, but from the hip no problem. I'll have to get used to it.
  6. jacknast76


    I just got my 2 drums today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going shooting tomorrow oh yeah it says 995 left.
  7. Yeah I just read the new crapObama help the homeowner plan which came out today. It only works unless you have money to pay your bills, which I do BUT you can only be 5% underwater. WHAT BULLSHIT, Housing values dropped way more than 5%? Here's a link to it http://www.financialstability.gov/
  8. Aren't those the Alliance armament drums? Are they trying to put lipstick on the pig?
  9. jacknast76

    3in drum

    speaking of drums I just got my status updated to SHIPPED on the MD arms site this morning. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! btw I'm order # 4032
  10. If you have read what Mike at MD arms posted on other threads and I think it's at the MD arms website. The gunfixer gas plug helps with OVER GASSED firearms. So that you aren't slamming the bolt back and causing undue stress. If it isn't overgassed then it won't help much. pretty much if you can cycle low brass and high brass on setting 1 then the plug will help.
  11. it will go, you just need a rubber mallet to tap it in.
  12. I sent the link to whitehouse.gov, Asking if Mr. Obama was aware of this website that is promoting hate in his name and if the media would be interested in seeing it.
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