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  1. Will you wholesale these to Jensen Firearms who have opened a Wyoming magazine outlet? Colorado has...issues.
  2. The ARMS will cowitness, and return to zero. I the Aimpoint throw lever does not return to zero. I'd probably look online for a unit with ARMS new levers.
  3. Parf

    So, MUST remove my folder !!

    I just saw this: It's a replacement trunnion that accepts an buffer tube.
  4. vLines lockbox is the only way to go these days. No electronics or keys, and you can open it in the dark with one hand. I use one, and have, everyday for 7 years now. Still like new. The simplex locks are tried and true. You see them in use in fire houses and police stations. They just work. http://www.vlineind.com/html/compact.html
  5. Have you put 500 shells through it? Have you cycled it by hand, dry firing it for a couple of hours worth of time, as fast as you can?
  6. Parf

    Ace folding unit

    The standard Ace hinge is great. It does not rattle, or flop around when folded. It only locks when open. The push button units rattle/wiggle a bit. The Stormwerkz hinges lock open and closed, so I will never use them. The last thing I ever want on a fighting shotgun do is to have to fight to extend the stock in a hurry.
  7. Parf

    Sight options? Not liking HK style..

    Good marksmanship does depend on consistancy. The same cheekweld, sight picture/alignment, trigger squeeze, etc. Removing the EOTech to use the irons can yield different results. Like I said, an Aimpoint Comp in a low Aimpoint mount will cowitness the Chaos sights. An Aimpoint T-1 mounted low does as well. Cheekweld with an EOTech on an AK? It's just too high. If you want the benefits of an EOTech, that's what you give up, and I can't see spending more money to try and co-witness the irons with it. I do agree with you about using a "low-rise" red dot. I only run T-1's myself these days.
  8. Parf

    Sight options? Not liking HK style..

    Open the notch up with a file. I don't think you have anything to loose at this point since you already own the sights. I do this to my AK rears with a chainsaw file, but that would be much to big for a sight so much closer to your eye. How about the XS HK ghost ring setup? Huge tritium dot on the front, big ghost ring rear installed on your Chaos sights. I wouldn't bother trying to co-witness an Eotech, just use the existing sights as a backup if/when you take the Eotech off. If you went with a regular "tube" style red dot, I bet you could co-witness with low rings.
  9. Yarp, my man, I believe you missed something in the above conversation : Roughrider666 is interested in applying the Fail-Zero to his AK. ShadowFire is advocating running stock AK's dry, with no lube.
  10. Be my guest. I have all the parts I used listed out in my Gallery. I love the Ultimak and Kvar handguard combo, but also take a look at Midwest Industries new MI-AK-SS Handguard. And just a note, if you are going to use a co-witnessed red dot, you might want to have the full front sight hood cut down into "wings". It gets really "busy" right there, and I wanted to mention it before you had any refinishing done just in case.
  11. Rifle Dynamics used to do the whole rifle. I got my Draco SBR done in it. They did the whole barreled receiver, and BCG in it. I think they have just gone down to doing the BCG now. It's really nice and slick, and weather resistant. I just use the smallest drop of grease here and there on it, and it just wipes clean after a trip to the range.
  12. Parf

    My conversion shopping List, thoughts?

    Range rules?
  13. Parf

    Single point AK sling?

    Another thought, if QD is not important to you use a regular sling with a triangle or delta screw link through the stitched loops at the end. You will have to cut off the plastic hardware without damaging the sling itself, but it works great. Order a $3.00 elastic mash hook cover to go the screw link. I replaced the ends of my single point slings with these.