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  1. I saw only two well used Saiga 7.62x39 (unconverted) on Gunbroker, last time I looked. They were about $1,000 a piece....
  2. Stock Saiga, or converted. For a stock saiga I used a modified Tapco G2, and improved trigger and group size.
  3. Went to the indoor range to sight in my High Standard AKMS47 Hungarian under-folder, and thought I would take my "almost returned to stock " Saiga IZ132 for a walk, too. I wanted to see if the red dot retined zero after removing and re-installing. The ammo was Tulammo 122 FMJ, and it was a casual rest on the bench. Shots wer at the rate of about 3 shots every two seconds. Well, I am in love... The main reason for the trip to the range was to sight in the High Standard built Hungarian under-folder. It is built on a HIgh Standard US lower, using a Hungarian AK63D kit. I fired
  4. Well, I decided. I returned the Saiga to Sporter (sort of, I used standard AKM gas tube and handguard), and bought a Hungarian under-folder from Atlantic Firearms. It will be at my dealer day after tomorrow. I mounted a Tasco red/green dot on the Saiga for a hog-thumper, and the Hungarian will get registered. I felt if I was going to register anything, it would have to be cool enough to make it worth the hassle! The saiga goes nicely with my other featureless gweapons: Kel-Tech SU-16 B, and Inland M1 carbine.
  5. Use a hose clamp against the front of the FSB as a guide. Cut 180 degrees, then rotate the clamp so the screw thing doesn't get in the way. You can use a crush washer or a spark plug washer to index what ever you put on it. An AMD65 brake is cool.
  6. A quote from John Adams comes to mind here.... True, but there were a lot more issues than gun control that the colonists revolted against. If you look at the Bill or Rights, the British were pretty much doing all of the things listed to the Colonists.
  7. Yes. I could go featureless to avoid registration, but I would have to remove the forward grip and keep the stock pinned, and put a grip wrap on again; which sort off defeats the purpose of the build. I had it with a kydex paddle and fixed stock for featureless already. They (the gun grabbers) read Calguns, too. I really seriously doubt that kydex grip wrap featureless builds will survive some Attorney General's administrative ruling that because it has a grip underneath...etc. Hmmerheads and MMGs are probably the best bet, but I am not holding my breath on them. One of my 3 ARs will
  8. Effective 1-1-2017, all semi-auto rifles that have an evil feature (pistol grip, flash hider, collapsable stock) and have a magazine that can be removed without totally disassembling the weapon must be registered as an assault weapon. NO more mag-lock or bullet button work around. It can not be passed down to family members in the state, and you are limited where you can shoot it. Saiga sporters, M1 Carbine, KelTec SU16s, Ruger Mini14/30, SKS, and M1A are exempt, as they have no evil features. The good news is (if there is any) once it is registered as an assault weapon, you no longer need
  9. This one does not rattle. The upward angle of the hole in the hand guard presses it securely against the bottom of the barrel. ANd yes, cleaning rods work best for stuck cases and plugged bores. Unplugging a bore with a shoe lace or bore snake doesn't work very well.
  10. I actually use it and the buttstock kit to clean the rifle. If it was just for looks, I wouldn't bother, LOL. Youtube "Using AK cleaning kit". There is a video out there that explains how to use it. Did you know the cap of the cleaning kit is a muzzle guide for the cleaning rod to protect the crown when cleaning? The body of the kit is a cleaning rod handle, and a handle to open the gas tube lock, putting the tab in a slot on the kit body. Other neat stuff about it, too. German HK G3 kits in the rectangular OD plastic box are neat AK kits, too. They use a pull chain. The oversi
  11. For as long as I have been converting Saigas (since about 2007), I wondered about mounting the cleaning rod on a 7.62x39 IZ132 Saiga, WITHOUT changing the gas block and front sight base. First, the Saiga comes with a 20" skinny rod, with the outside diameter and thread pattern of AK74 and AK 103 Izsmash rifles. I guess the 20" simplifies supply for both 16" and 20" Saigas. There is no way short of major machine shop to shorten it to 16". I got a Bulgarian AK74 rod. It worked when I replaced the FSB with a 24mm one and an Ak103 brake. With the standard SAIGA FSB and Gas Block, using
  12. Nice daylight pictures! Restored Saiga IZ132 7.62x39 rifle, Russian Tula Arsenal bakelite and Russian Izzy factory 10 rounders. In the spirit of International worker's solidarity, assorted Com-Block steel magazines, Chi-Com Type 81, four cell chest rig, and Chinese steel core ammo.
  13. I got a standard AKM cleaning rod from Desert Fox, since the Saiga came with a 20" smaller diameter rod. I have an AKM cleaning kit for the buttstock. The natural angle of the hole for the cleaning rod through the front handguard is at an upward towards the muzzle angle. This presses the muzzle end of the cleaning rod up against the barrel with some tension, and even under recoil, it hits the edge of the crush washer to keep it from moving any farther forward.
  14. I opted for the DPH steel bolt on handguard retainer: https://dpharms.com/products/saiga_furniture/saiga_bolt-on_~28diy~29lower_handguard_retainer.html. It works for for .308 (without bushings) or 223. 7.62x39, and 5.45 (with bushings). The bushings have a machined ridge that engages a matching machine channel on the retainer. It is a great system. It comes with a short set screw that engages the barrel on the .308, or the top of the bushing on the other calibers. I decided to drill an oversized hole through the bushing and use a longer set screw, so that it passed through the
  15. Everything ready to go: Probably do the assembly tomorrow morning.
  16. Seriously, most of the time I don't even have the red dot and side mount on mine. The less weight the better. This will be especially true after I do my restoration with Bulgarian AK74 wood furniture. I thought of going Tapco furniture for light weight, but what the heck, I could throw my Saiga off the roof with the Bulgie wood furniture on it, and it won't even crack. The AK platform is just too darn tough. I generally use a Factory 10 rounder in the weapon, because it is light and handy, but if I want a 30, I use a Tula "ridgeback" Bakelite mag.
  17. I watched a video where the Russian soldier put the lip of a beer bottle cap on the top of the rail and hit it with the palm of his hand just right.... Black Aces Tactical has a rail that attaches both to the barrel and the receiver side mount for extra rigidity. It works pretty well. WTF?????? That has to be the lamest "Tacticool" cr@p I have ever heard of! LOL Rigidity for a 16 inch barrel?????? Hahahaha. 7 years military and 20+ years LEO (most of that as a training officer and firearms instructor) I can see NO practical use for that, except to fill their bank accounts...
  18. OK, trigger plate off, and bottom of receiver cleaned and sanded. Then two coats of Rustoleum semi-gloss black. It is an identical match to Saiga factory paint. Somehow I ended up with an extra Saiga trigger guard in my stuff, so I am leaving the trigger guard on the bottom plate, as I could feasably restore it to "factory" if need be... I now have the triggerguard mounted. Essentially its a Russian AK103 barreled receiver now, LOL! I thought of putting a 24mm FSB on it, but I really like the short, compact TriDelta brake I put on after I cut back the shroud and threaded the
  19. Well, I have had my current Saiga 7.62x39 IZ132 for 4 or 5 months now. I have been running it Semi-Stock California "Featureless" with the modified handguard and Modified Tapco G2. I love the Saiga, and it (mine) is very accurate. 10 shots, rapid fire from a casual rest at 25 meters: However, it is just TOO long to be handy. At the moment, I am switching to the AK platform for my "Go To" weapons platform, and I want it to be a lot handier than the stock Saiga is! I'll put up with the Rooting around in my parts, I have everything I need to "Restore it" to intended pis
  20. I have yet to find a side mount of ANY kind that centers over the bore! LOL
  21. !993 is as early as I have every heard of.
  22. Crap shoot. Some are, some aren't. If I were going through the trouble and expense of getting a can and registering it, I do a build with a Green Mountain barrel. They have been making match grade barrels for many years. They started with black powder , and specialty long gun barrels in powerful calibers.
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