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  1. I would have to think that the average watcher of that show probably wouldn't end up purchasing a firearm from them, anyway. I know quite a few people who watch it just because they like it, and certainly have no intention of purchasing from them. WE, on the other hand, who have had some interaction with Will, or have read his posts here and who know and understand that RJF is a quality builder, more than likely WOULD purchase from them if we had the funds and the want to buy something that they produce. I really don't think the show makes them look incompetent, and I would hope that anyone who watches the show and who KNOWS both firearms and hollywood's propensity for drama would be able to see the show for what it is.
  2. I'm casting my vote for 'other' and agreeing with this. Or a month with RED333's avatar girl.
  3. See, that's the thing... we have NO idea what was put into that gun except for what we could see on television. They're not going to show what went into building the thing, except for showing us a shot of the buffer, and Chris struggling to put everything together. We also saw them machining the lower for it, if indeed that was the lower they actually used.
  4. I think that some people are losing sight of the simple fact that we are viewing a heavily edited, probably heavily slanted, television show. That makes it very hard to pass any sort of judgement on any of the individuals that we see on the show. I'm not saying that I'm on any particular side of any of the personalities, but I'm certainly not going to pass judgement on any of them based on what that show is broadcasting to us. The one thing that I will say is that it did seem to me as if Vince felt that he wasn't given the respect that he deserved, and FROM WHAT WE WERE SHOWN, I could understand that.
  5. I hope no cops are playing 'Hollywood producer' when the call comes in that someone is being raped or having their houses broken into.
  6. Apparently, to fire it, you have to think in Russian. Looks good!
  7. From the article citing this as a stunt by the officers: Chevyman has every right to voice his distaste. These officers were doing this on the dime of the taxpayer.
  8. You only have to be concerned with 922r if you want to attach a pistol grip or run mags that are higher than 5 round capacity. To answer your initial question, though, I don't personally like relying on the mags to bring your gun into compliance. Restoring your S12 to its intended configuration is quite easy to do, requiring minimal actual 'smithing'. All you have to be able to do is drill out a few rivets and have some patience, and you will have a firearm that is 922r compliant with no regard to what magazine you decide to use in it. It will also be balanced better and your trigger pull will be greatly improved.
  9. Oh, sorry about that. I didn't think about the 'no linking to non-business member websites' thing.
  10. I live in North Central PA, and I store in 50 cal ammo cans with dessicant packs. I had the same thing happen as the OP with the rusting steel shells at one point. Not happening anymore.
  11. That's the truth. We don't even always see things in chronological order. There is no doubt that Discovery Channel has scripted in a lot of drama and whatever else they believe will boost viewership. I also asked Glenn Flemming (Flemm on the show) via his facebook page what the time lag was between an event occurring and it being shown on the show, and he said it's roughly a 4-6 month lag. I figured it was in the 6 month range. I was curious because I wondered how far along Vince was with his new business venture.
  12. Wasn't Chris tasked with the MANAGEMENT of the AR build? That would imply (to me, at least) that he was to oversee the build and to put certain members of Red Jacket to certain aspects of the build. I could be wrong about that, though. I did think it was odd that the AR was shipped with the incorrect buffer, though. I'd like to know what happened there.
  13. The cylindrical tube has slots in it on the sides. One of those slots fits the rear sight block release lever. You use it to rotate that lever. You can slide the flat screwdriver through the other slots to create a T-handle screwdriver for other applications.
  14. TR Young

    Thank You

    Looking forward to the range report and possibly pics and/or vids.
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